Taeyeop Lee

M.S. Candidate

Robotics and Computer Vision Lab, KAIST

taeyeop.trevor [at] kaist.ac.kr

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I am a M.S. Candidate at KAIST under professor In So Kweon. I received B.S. degree in Robotics from Kwangwoon University in 2019.

My research interests lie in Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning and Robotics.


Robust Manipulation by Visual Learning
Taeyeop Lee
, Philipp Benz, Myungchul Kim, In So Kweon
International Workshop on Frontiers of Computer Vision (IW-FCV), 2020

Best Demo Presentation Award

[Video] [Poster] [Certificate]

VectorNet: 6-DOF Pose Estimation in Occlusion, Extension of PVNet

Taeyeop Lee

Dec. 2019

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Awards & Honors

  • Best Demo Presentation Award, Robust Manipulation by Visual Learning (IW-FCV), Feb. 2020 [Video] [Poster] [Certificate]

  • Achievement Award, Kwangwoon University, Feb. 2019 [Certificate]

  • Special Technology Award, R-BIZ Challenge TURTLEBOT3 AUTORACE (ROBOTIS), Nov. 2018 [Certificate]

  • Gold Prize, Sumo Robot, International Robot Contest (MOTIE), Oct. 2018 [Certificate]

  • President Award, R-BIZ DST Robot Multi-Mission Challenge, Sept. 2017 [Press] [Certificate]

  • 2nd Place, RoboCup World Open Teen-Size Humanoid Soccer League Technical Challenge, July 2017 [Video] [Press] [Certificate]

  • 5th Place, RoboCup Iran Open Rescue, Apr. 2017 [Report] [Certificate]

  • 1st Place, RoboCup Korea Open Rescue, Feb. 2017 [Press] [Certificate]

  • Silver Prize, Intelligent Humanoid Robot Sports Competition, International Robot Contest (MOTIE), Oct. 2016 [Press] [Certificate]

  • Special Technology Award, National AI Robot Competition (Kyungnam University), Aug. 2016 [Video] [Certificate]

  • Silver Prize, Sumo Robot, International Robot Contest (KIPO), Nov. 2015 [Certificate]

  • Grand Award, TRIZ Competition for Creative Engineering Design (Kwangwoon University), Oct. 2015 [Certificate]

  • Creative Design Award, Engineering Contest (Kwangwoon University), May 2015 [Certificate]


- Robot Journey with Children (ROBIT-Hyundai), 1 day robot program for elementary school students, Mar. 2018

- Happy Seoul Youth Robot Camp, 3-day robot camp for elementary school students using mobile robots, 2016 - 2017

- Kwangwoon International Robot Camp, 5-day robot camp for high school students using humanoid robots, 2016