Taesu Kim's Personal Page


  • CEO and co-founder, Neosapience, Inc., 2017 ~ Present
  • Sr. Staff Engineer/Manager, Qualcomm, 2010~2017
  • Senior Engineer, LG Electronics, 2007~2010
  • Visiting Scholar, Institute for Neural Computation, UCSD, 2004~2006
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  • Ph.D. Brain Engineering, KAIST, 2003~2007
  • M.S. Electrical Engineering, KAIST, 2001~2003
  • B.S. Electrical Engineering, Hanyang University, 1997~2001

Highlighted projects

  • Ambient sound recognition, Qualcomm Technology Inc.
  • Always on Music Detection, Qualcomm Technology Inc. [video]
  • Always on voice activation, Qualcomm Technology Inc. [video]
  • Audio Content Recognition, Qualcomm Technology Inc. [video]
  • Always on low power microphone and audio systems, Qualcomm Technology Inc.
  • Dual Microphone Noise Reduction for Comfortable Voice Call, LG Electronics. [video]
  • Dual Microphone Audio Focus for Camcorder, LG Electronics. [video]
  • Development of Artificial Brain Prototype and Office mates, KAIST [video]
  • Blind source separation and its application to audio separation, UCSD and Softmax Inc. (now acquired by Qualcomm, Inc.) [video]
  • The RUBI (a social robot for child care) project, UCSD and Sony Corp. [link]


Contact information

  • E-mail: taesuya (at) gmail (dot) com