Tabs Outliner Privacy Policy

This notice describes the Privacy Policy that applies to all information collected or submitted when you install or use the Tabs Outliner extension. Tabs Outliner extension is owned and operated by Vladyslav Volovyk - a programmer from Ukraine (referred to herein as "we," "us," or "our," : ).


You are not required to create a user account or provide any personal information in order to use Tabs Outliner. You are required to have or create a Google user account, however, to utilize Google Drive Backup functionality of the Tabs Outliner extension or to enable its optional paid functionality. Use of your personal information provided during the creation of a Google account is governed by the respective privacy policy provided by Google.

If you activate purchase process of Tabs Outliner paid functionality it can access your Google account username (but not password) that is used to Sign In to your Google Chrome instance (it’s typically an email address). This username then, locally, on your computer, transformed to some identification number (using the sha1 checksum algorithm) and then transferred to the payment processor (, it can be observed in the purchase form under Chrome Profile Serial Number field. This transformation cannot be reversed, so it’s not possible to get your Google account username using only this serial number. On successful purchase this serial number then will be used to generate a license key which then is transferred to your and stored on your PC and in Google cloud storage associated with your Google Account and accessible only by your Tabs Outliner instance, it’s then used locally on your PC to check against Google Account that is used to Sign In to Chrome, to enable paid functionality. This number is not used for anything else.

If you choose to pay for Tabs Outliner paid functions, our third party payment processors will collect and handle your credit card and related payment information. Such third party processors’ use of your personal information is governed by their respective privacy policies. If you use a credit card for the purchase, your credit card information is not transferred to us by our payment processor.


Tabs Outliner locally on your PC collects window and tab titles and URLs in order to do what it is supposed to do. All this information is stored only locally, on your computer, provided that you are not manually and explicitly activate Google Drive Backup functionality. If you activate Google Drive Backup then this data directly, without the usage of any third party servers, transferred to Google cloud storage associated with this extension and your Google Drive account (it counts toward your data usage in your Google Drive account). It’s then can be accessed only by you, through Tabs Outliner extension, or deleted by you through Google Drive interface or Tabs Outliner interface.

Tabs Outliner uses Google Analytics to anonymously collect aggregated usage information, like usage of different features of Tabs Outliner, performance metrics (like how fast it renders the tree or save data to disk), how often users open its window and so on. All of this information collected in a way that excludes the possibility to associate by us this usage statistics with a concrete user, and in a full accordance of the Google Analytics respective policies. We use this non-identifying, aggregated information to analyze general trends and manner in which Tabs Outliner is used, to monitor performance and improve the product, or to develop new products and services.


We do not get any personal information until you do not perform purchase of the optional paid functionality of Tabs Outliner. We do not share any personally identifiable information (that is sent to us by the payment processor, after your purchase).


If you have questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, you can contact us at