TableQuiz is a tool that allows teachers to create, assign, and grade short-answer quizzes in a table format. By using this tool, teachers can grade a large number of short answer quizzes in minutes, while still accounting for spelling mistakes and any other unexpected answers that students may provide. Get TableQuiz here!

TableQuiz Features:

  • All quizzes grade themselves immediately as students submit. Correct answers are highlighted green; incorrect answers are highlighted red. A tool-tip appears over every answer showing students what the correct answer is from the answer key.
  • Teachers can quickly look at all incorrect answers and add any acceptable answers to the key. This way, teachers can still award credit to students who answer using synonyms and spelling errors. The program then saves these answers to the key, so you only need to catch each mistake once!
  • Quizzes are generated and organized in a clear, professional layout. Minimal knowledge of Google Sheets is required!
  • All student scores are conveniently stored on one page for easy transfer to the Gradebook.
  • Created by a teacher for teachers!

The get started with TableQuiz, visit the Getting Started page!