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Ajloun Food Processing Company Llc was established in 1996 with the primary purpose of providing state of the art Olive Oil Extraction Trains serving the local community in the Northern region of Jordan, where superior quality Olive Trees grow in abundance.

The Ajloun Olive Oil Extraction Facility developed fast as the biggest company in Jordan's Olive Oil business. Founded with the purpose of serving the local Olive Groves as well as exporting and marketing Jordanian Olive Oil, we have grown into an industry leader of considerable size.

We employ highly qualified and extremely competent staff and have, over the past few years, achieved an excellent reputation for customer commitment and reliable service, both nationally and internationally.

Showing great insight regarding the trends of the Olive Oil market, we have directed our energies based on the superior quality of the Jordanian Olive Oil, devoting special care to products and presentation. A strong hold on the number one market position in the Olive Oil business is the outcome of our strategy.

It is our intention to focus considerable attention to increasing our Olive Oil exports abroad. Our main targeted export markets are the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and other Gulf Countries, as well as the USA and the European Union.

Our objective is to maximize existing potential in Olive Oil Extraction while ensuring that we safeguard genuine Jordanian Olive Oil characteristics.

Besides consolidating our Number 1 position in Jordan, we are determined to achieve our potential and becoming a leading distributor of Jordanian Olive Oil.

We are the largest and oldest fully Automated Olive Oil Extraction company in Jordan.

The first fully automated trains were installed in Jerash Region in 1980, and in 1990 a second mill was constructed in the Balqa Region, and a third plant was constructed in the Ajloun Region in 1996. The latest and fourth mill was constructed in the Hallabat Region.

The Olive Tree Food Processing Co. was founded for bottling and packaging of Jordanian olive oil. Partners in the company include, apart from ourselves, other major olive oil mills in the country.

We are able to meet targets and deliveries on time as required by our clients.