Lita Tabish, M Ed.


Fallbrook Union High School District Governing Board

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Hello Fallbrook;

- I am a long term resident of Fallbrook, I have lived here for 18+ years. I am a local business owner and a 30+ year public school teacher. I sit on several local Board of Directors; The Fallbrook Trails Council, The Live Oak Park Coalition & CTFMA. I have worked very hard over the past few years improving Fallbrook Life by pushing to obtain an easement for public use on the trail system at Santa Margarita River Valley. I sit on the Live Oak Park Coalition board and have assisted in many local park events. I also plan and run two large Charity Events every year to assist the Fallbrook Food Pantry.

I am running for Fallbrook Union High School District Governing Board to improve accountability. Our current board has just voted unanimously to approve large pay increases to the top two Administrators and locking in these pay levels with automatic raises until the year 2021! Our district is in declining enrollment and forecasting deficit spending in the next two years. We, the taxpayers of this school district, deserve better. Money that needs to go into the classroom is being spent on excessive Administration costs. Our current School Board approved paying thousands of dollars in fines/penalties to the state of California due to the excessive number of Administrators on staff! Instead of paying these fines we need to reduce the number of Administrators and put our money back into the classroom for our students.

As a business owner, I know how to balance a budget and plan for the future. I also know that we need programs that will assist all our students to develop into productive members of our society. By building a “University for All” High School we are limiting the potential of so many students that plan to enter a career, enroll in an internship, or pursue a career in the Trades. These students do not feel connected to school, or feel they cannot complete all the University level requirements and so many opt to drop out of school. We need to change this attitude!

I love Fallbrook and want to improve our School District for all our students. Just ask any of my past Fallbrook High or Ivy High students and they will tell you that I will stand up for the students at all cost.

A vote for Tabish is a vote to improve our schools and improve fiscal accountability!

"The Terrific Trio"

Please click HERE for more information on our Candidate group of three: The Terrific Trio!

Past Educational Experience:

  • High School Teacher for 30+ years
  • Career Technical Education Department Chair for 10+ years
  • College & Adult Education for 20+ years
  • Advisory Board Member for Palomar College for 12 years
  • Advisory Board Member for Mira Costa Collage for 6 years

Governing Board Experience:

  • CTFMA Board of Directors, President
  • Fallbrook Trails Council Board of Directors, Vice President
  • Live Oak Park Coalition Board of Directors, Member

Fallbrook Community Service:

  • Instrumental in the establishment of permanent Public Assess to the Santa Margarita Trails in Fallbrook
  • Manage two large Charity events per year to benefit the Fallbrook Food Pantry
  • Managed numerous student centered community service projects that benefit Children's Hospital
  • Fourteen years managing student Early Childhood Education Internships at Fallbrook High


  • Endorsed by the Fallbrook High School Teachers
  • Endorsed by Ivy & Oasis Teachers
  • Endorsed by CTFMA, Live Oak Park Coalition and the Fallbrook Tails Council


“...It is difficult to

put into words the

amount of respect I

have for Lita

Tabish. I can only

say that I wish all

our staff had the

same dedication

that Lita shows

daily. She has

qualities that make

me proud to be her


Michael Morgan

Vocational Director

Deer Park Schools

“...Ms. Tabish’s


are known in the

Early Childhood



genuinely cares

about others but

never loses her

sense of


Reva Reece

Director Fallbrook

Child Development

“...Lita has

overseen the

recently developed

Teen Parenting

program in district

and established the

child care center.

She is the



Dr. Glenys Hill


Deer Park Schools

"...Lita Tabish is a student-centered teacher. Regardless of the career-technical education class she was teaching, she always focused on student success.

Student learning experiences went beyond the classroom. Valuable student internships at Fallbrook childcare facilities occurred because of Lita’s time and investment in the students, the Child Development program, and the community."

Dale J. Mitchell, Ed.D.

Retired Superintendent

Fallbrook Union High School District