Tabiat Bridge or Nature Bridge

Tabiat(Nature) Bridge of Tehran

Tabiat Bridge is one of the most beautiful modern tourist bridges in Iran Which is located on the Modares highway and has given a special beauty to this part of Tehran, especially at night

This 3rd floor bridge, besides having numerous cafes for rest with walking paths and open-air platforms, provides a fantastic view of Tehran's city, both day and night. The nature bridge connects Ab-o-Atash and Taleghani parks, which in addition to the bridge, have provided a very good atmosphere for tourism in the heart of the capital.

Introducing Tehran Tabiat Bridge

The Nature Bridge(Pol e Tabiat) is the largest non-car bridge in Iran, which was opened in 2014. The bridge is 40 meters high and has three floors and passes through the width of the Modare's highway.

14,000 pieces of steel have been used in various sizes to build a nature bridge. The area of ​​the nature bridge(Tabiat bridge) is 7,000 square meters and connects Taleghani and water and fire(ab o atash) parks together. The shape of the bridge is like a tree and has a beautiful and unique design. The organic design, the shape of the tree columns alongside the name "Nature", has been marketed for this bridge. In the design of the nature bridge, some Iranian bridges like Khaju Bridge have been inspired by the architecture. It is not a bad thing to know that there are national parks in Australia, France, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium and Malaysia.

Architectural details of Tehran Nature Bridge:

  • Architect of the Nature Bridge: Leyla Araghi (he won the famous Aqajan Award in 2016 with Alireza Behzadi).
  • Design inspired by: Persian Bridge Architecture such as Khaju Bridge
  • Date of commencement of the bridge construction: 1389
  • Date of completion of the bridge construction: 2014
  • Total length of the bridge: about 270 meters
  • The main feature of the nature bridge is the organic design and the tree-like plan.
  • Number of floors of nature bridge: 3 floors
  • Earthquake Resistance: 7 earthquake magnitudes
  • Useful life of the bridge: 100 years
  • Bridge width: Variable between 6 and 13 meters
  • Weight of the structure: 2000 tons

About the Tabiat bridge(Pol-e Tabiat)

The nature bridge is one of the tourist places in Tehran, which has been widely welcomed in recent years and has become a symbol of the city. The most surprising thing about Tehran's nature bridge is that although it is located between several main streets of the city and is built right in the center of traffic, it has a feeling of being in nature and breathing. Having green spaces, walking paths and seeing people with energy and pleasure who come to Tehran's Nature Bridge for fun or sport will double the sense of vitality of this space.

Bridge's Cafes and Restaurants

All the fun of this bridge does not end in walking and passing through it and seeing the capital's outlook; restaurants, coffee shops, cafe galleries and such spaces are prepared with different services to make a different experience. Just go to the first floor of the bridge to get a lot of delicious choices ahead of you. You can drink coffee or tea with your friends or family, or enjoy delicious food, and take a look at the effects of the capital, along with enjoying moments together.

Tabiat Bridge addresses

Nature Bridge, Ab-o-Atash Park,Vanak Square, Tehran Province