PhD project: Effects of ADHD diagnosis and medication on long-term functional outcomes

My PhD examines (i) how variation in medical practice patterns may be used for causal inference from observational data, (ii) the extent to which ADHD symptoms, diagnosis, and medication vary geographically within Norway, and (iii) effects of ADHD diagnosis and medication on long-term risk of injuries and crime. (For more details, see publication 4 and 5 in peer-reviewed publication list below.)

Supervisors: Arnstein Mykletun (UiT), Henrik Daae Zachrisson (UiO), Anne Halmøy (UiB), Ingvar Bjelland (UiB).

The PhD project is supported by the Western Norway Regional Health Authority, part of the RCN-project ADHD controversy, and associated to the research group Psychiatric Epidemiology and Health Services Research at the Competence Centre for Research and Education in Forensic Psychiatry, Haukeland University Hospital.


  • Social policy

  • Health services

  • Intergenerational mobility

  • Work and welfare

Peer-reviewed publications

(6) Tarjei Widding-Havneraas, Simen Markussen, Felix Elwert, Ingvild Lyhmann, Ingvar Bjelland, Anne Halmøy, Ashmita Chaulagain, Eivind Ystrøm, Arnstein Mykletun, Henrik Daae Zachrisson. Geographical variation in ADHD: Do diagnoses reflect symptom levels? 2022. European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.

(5) Tarjei Widding-Havneraas, Ashmita Chaulagain, Ingvild Lyhmann, Henrik Daae Zachrisson, Felix Elwert, Simen Markussen, David McDaid, Arnstein Mykletun. Preference-based instrumental variables in health research rely on important and underreported assumptions: a systematic review. 2021. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology.

(4) Arnstein Mykletun, Tarjei Widding-Havneraas, Ashmita Chaulagain, Ingvild Lyhmann, Ingvar Bjelland, Anne Halmøy, Felix Elwert, Peter Butterworth, Simen Markussen, Henrik Daae Zachrisson, Knut Rypdal. Causal Modeling of Variation in Clinical Practice and Long-Term Outcomes of ADHD using Norwegian Registry Data: The ADHD Controversy Project. 2021. British Medical Journal Open.

(3) Tarjei Widding-Havneraas & Siri Hansen Pedersen. The role of welfare regimes in the relationship between childhood economic stress and adult health: a multilevel study of 20 European countries. 2020. Social Science & Medicine - Population Health.

(2) Beate Brinchmann, Tarjei Widding-Havneraas, Matthew Modini, Miles Rinaldi, Cathrine F. Moe, A-La Park, Eoin Killackey, Samuel B. Harvey, Arnstein Mykletun. A meta-regression of the impact of policy on the efficacy of Individual Placement and Support. 2019. Acta Scandinavica Psychiatrica.

(1) Tarjei Widding-Havneraas. Young adults not in employment, education or training: A register-based study, 1993–2009. 2016. Norwegian Journal of Working Life Studies.

Other publications


  • Research Council Norway: “Controversies in Psychiatry: Coercive Measures and Medication” Haukeland University Hospital. Role: Project participant. PI: Arnstein Mykletun, € 985,000, 2021-2026.

  • Western Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Vest): Research stay, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, 2021-2022.

  • National Research School for Epidemiological Research (EPINOR): Course "Causal Inference in Epidemiology: Recent Methodological Developments", London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK, 2019.

  • Research Council Norway (FRIPRO): “ADHD Controversy” Haukeland University Hospital. Role: Co-applicant. PI: Arnstein Mykletun, € 1,000,000, 2021-2024.

  • Western Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Vest): “Long-term effects of ADHD diagnosis and medication on injuries and crime”. Personal PhD scholarship, € 285,000, 2018-2023.

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