Systems Biology Lab

Welcome to Systems Biology Lab

The research areas of Systems Biology Lab are primarily based on the systems biology approaches and their applications to study

  • Transcriptional regulation of bacterial pathogens including Salmonella and E. coli
  • Anti-microbial resistance
  • Characterization of high-value bacterial strains

We have been applying the systems biology approaches to study bacteria, but there are also collaborators who expect us to apply those approaches to other types of organisms including yeast, fungi, and human cells.

Lab Openings

We have one opening for a Post-Doc position with experimental backgrounds, and are actively recruiting graduate students with biology-related backgrounds including biology, bioengineering, microbiology, or bioinformatics for 2019 Fall semester.

Applicants who are interested are encouraged to contact Dr. Donghyuk Kim (

Latest News:


  • Systems Biology Lab moved to School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, UNIST. (July 2018)
  • Gayoung Nam started an internship from February in SBL. (2018 February)
  • Jaewon Lim and Joon Young Park joined SBL from 2018 spring semester! (2018 January)