Artist friendly deals

Key messages:

Low maintainence entry into sync market

Zero up front cost

Own your copyright

Two additional potential income streams:

a) Sync license fees

b) ongoing public performance royalties

Transparent and flexible licensing

Fair share revenue

Keep career options open

Read on for the full terms:

This is designed to be a costless entry level option for musicians who want to expand the revenue streams of their music. We support musicians owning their work and receiving the benefits of music licensing without having to give their rights away to a publisher.

The main way you can earn from sync is from sync licenses fees. The second revenue stream is smaller yet significant for its potential for passive income in the form of royalties.

For artists who do take advantage of this, income from sync can add to streaming, live and merchandise. Attaining a sync can be a crucial stepping stone in the trajectory of a recording artist's career. Music being placed in media offers a direct platform for access to a wider audience discovering music.

Syncfeenz is offering a license in which the musician keeps all ownership of rights.

The flow of copyright that the agreement offers also has unique advantages for independent career musicians. Most want to diversify their streams of income without restricting their upward career growth. Keep your copyrights on hand until you have enough leverage to get a good recording/publishing deal.

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