Sylvain DEJEAN

Associate professor in Economics at the University of La Rochelle

Internet and Digital Economics

Main publications

Big From the Beginning. Assessing Online Contributors' Behavior by Their First Contribution, 2015, Research Policy, Volume 44, Issue 6, Pages 1226–1239. (avec Nicolas Jullien).

The role of distance and social networks in the geography of crowdfunding: evidence from France, 2019, Regional Studies, forthcoming.

Do open online projects create social norm ?, 2018, Journal of Institutional Economics, vol 14-1, 45-70, (with Godefroy Dang Nguyen et Nicolas Jullien).

Digital Piracy under a Graduated Response Policy. 2018 Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics (JITE), (NIX), 1‑22, (With Mickael Arnold, Eric Darmon and Thierry Penard)

On the Complementarity Between Online and Offline Music Consumption: The Case of Free Streaming, 2014, Journal of Cultural Economics, Volume 38, Issue 4, pp 315-330. (Avec Godefroy Dang Nguyen et Francois Moreau)

La réponse graduée de l’Hadopi a-t-elle eu des effets sur le piratage de musique et de films ? Une étude empirique des pratiques de consommation en ligne, 2016, Revue économique, vol 67-2, 181-206 (avec Eric Darmon et Thierry Penard).


Digital Economics (Master's level degree)

History of digital revolution (Master's level degree)

Economics of innovation (Master's level degree)

Introduction to Economics (Bachelor's level degree) .

Academic appointments

  • 2018 to present : Deputy director of the CEREGE research center (EA 1722)
  • 2016 to present : Board member of the French Association of Research in Digital Economics
  • 2016 to present : Co-head of the research team NUTS (Digital: Usages, territory and society) in the CEREGE research center
  • 2014-2018: Co-Head of a Bachelor's degree in digital marketing
  • 2009-2013: Coordinator of the research network M@rsouin at the IMT Atlantique