Systems Analysis Software

SyLin is a free software for continuous and discrete systems analysis. It is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to investigate the structural properties of dynamical systems.

  • Frequency and time domain analysis
  • Continuous and discrete systems
  • Bode, Nyquist and Root Locus plots
  • Controller synthesis and closed loop poles
  • Input response to various signals
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Exportable systems and plots printing

Frequency Analysis

Analyse the system's behaviour in the frequency domain by plotting Bode and Nyquist diagrams. SyLin can plot the real, asymptotic and combined Bode diagrams to compare the piece-wise linear approximation with its real function.

Time Analysis

Analyse the system's behaviour in the time domain by plotting the system's response to different input signals, such as steps, ramps, sinusoids and pulses.

Controlled Systems

Synthesize a controller for closed loop systems with unitary feedback by providing design static and dynamic specifications and automatically converting to frequency and time to check its stability.

SyLin is Free Software.