How Much Does Office Cleaning Cost

What do Sydney commercial cleaning companies charge for office cleaning?

Be it that you have an office in need of cleaning or you are looking to start your own cleaning business, there is always a question that pops up in your mind; how much does office cleaning cost? Getting to know the cost of cleaning service is very important as this would help you evaluate the cost associated with effective cleaning in your area.

Most often than not, cleaning companies will always provide you with competitive rates if you make a request for it. It is always wiser to ask for an itemized list of specifications by the cleaning company and if there are any special offers or deals.

When it comes to the negotiating aspect of the cleaning service, there are some things you should always lay out for the cleaning company. Some of these are • The frequency of cleaning (how often the cleaning is done) • The time the office would be cleaned • The complete duties to be carried out • The cleaning tools or products used • The standards and expectations you demand from the cleaning service • Lastly who is to provide what, and when (for example who is restock the toilet papers, napkins, etc) So let’s get into how much office cleaning cost.

Typical office cleaning cost The cost of office cleaning varies depending on many factors, especially, but not limited to, the factors mentioned above. Apart from these factors, other things put into consideration include; • the location of the office • size of your facility • the scope of the cleaning service to be offered • And as earlier stated the frequency of the cleaning.

Here are some typical costs that are averaged from various office cleaning services. 1. You can get a $25 to $40 cleaning service for a small office, usually less than 1200 to 2000 square feet. This would include services like emptying the trash, light vacuuming, and dusting. 2. The price might increase to about $40 to $65 if you have one or two bathrooms included in the cleaning contract. This will also be followed by toilet paper restocking, mopping the floor, and wiping down surfaces. 3. For larger offices, say 2100 square feet and more, the cost is usually rated per square foot. You can get a rate of $0.50 per square foot as the best price offered. This service includes waxing and scrubbing the floor, cleaning kitchens, cleaning the toilets, and vacuuming. For most cleaning companies, the cost would decrease as the square foot or size of the office increases.

Mind you, this cost is only per visit, so it is best to budget cleaning using a given plan. Let’s say you want the cleaning service nightly, the cleaning service comes every night and does their job without interfering with the daily job at the office. This could also reduce the cost of cleaning. Although, the cost of cleaning can also be affected by the time of the day you need the cleaning service. Most offices make use of a cleaning service mostly after normal working hours; this is cheaper than getting a cleaning service during daytime or working hours.

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