The Sydenham District Association (formerly Sydenham Tenants’ & Ratepayers Assoc.) was formed in the 1960s to provide an organized community response to the rewriting of the City’s of Kingston Official Plan and Zoning by-Laws for Sydenham District.

Our initial involvement in municipal affairs grew to include participation in waterfront developments, downtown planning, heritage preservation issues and Ontario Municipal Board hearings on issues ranging from building heights to shopping centres, city parks, traffic, property standards, noise, and garbage collection to name just a few.

As a resident of Sydenham District, you may have interest in several issues which affect the district, including:

  • City governance
  • Downtown development and sustainability
  • Streetscapes—heritage, architecture, sight lines
  • Town & Gown Relations
  • Neighbourhood development
  • Property standards
  • Waterfront development—walkways, bicycle paths, marinas, museums
  • Traffic, parking, bike paths, pedestrian crosswalks
  • Parks and green spaces
  • City services –snow removal, garbage, recycling, potholes, street cleaning and lighting
  • Public safety
  • Beautification—tree planting, Communities in Bloom initiatives

We encourage residents to consider becoming involved through volunteering for special projects, becoming involved with the Board of Directors or sub-committees or, supporting our tree planting initiatives. The Association has actively participated in numerous district related activities and raised funds for projects including:

  • the restoration of Newlands Pavilion in Macdonald Park;
  • construction and paving of the waterfront walkway within Sydenham District;
  • installation of a courtyard with benches at Domino Theatre;
  • tree planting on boulevards and in front of district houses;
  • beautification activities in conjunction with Queen’s University student-led Green Scheme; and,
  • heritage preservation activities related the designation of Sydenham District as a heritage district.

We encourage all residents of the District to become involved in maintaining and improving our neighbourhood. If you have interest in our activities or comments/concerns on issues effecting you, please contact us.