About the Association

The SDA works to maintain and enhance the spirit and character of Sydenham District and to further the interests of the community of Sydenham District.

Urban Forest Stewardship

Our urban forest creates shade and cooling effects, provides species habitats, and contributes to our beautiful, welcoming streetscapes. Please contact us to get involved in the SDA's tree planting initiatives.

Built Heritage Preservation

The SDA grew out of an initiative to protect the historic building fabric that makes our ward distinctive. After years of advocacy and collaboration with the City, Old Sydenham Ward was officially designated as a Heritage District in 2015. For more information on the Heritage designation, visit this page on the City of Kingston website . You'll find the Conservation District Plan, Heritage Area Inventory, and more.

Stable Neighbourhoods

While every City must change with time, our stable neighbourhoods should not be a casualty of growth forces. The SDA advocates for policies that ensure that new development, redevelopment and densification occur in a manner that sustains the existing character and quality of life in our stable neighbourhoods.

Community Building

The SDA aims to hold regular events to allow members to meet and enjoy together the wonderful spaces and places that our District has to offer.