Shengyan's Website

About Myself

I received my bachelor degree in Mathematics and Physics from Tsinghua University in 2019, where I worked with Prof. Zhangqi Yin on levitated optomechanics and Prof. Wenlan Chen and Prof. Jiazhong Hu on the design and implementation of high-cooperativity optical cavity. I also did some research with Prof. Tongcang Li and Prof. Bo Zhen on levitated optomechanical array and photonic Bound-state In the Continuum, respectively. I used to share my knowledge of physics on Zhihu (a major Q&A website in China) with more than 10k followers.

I'm now working with Prof. Kejie Fang @UIUC ECE on integrated optomechanics.

Research Interest

I am presently engaged in research concerning quantum optics, photonics, quantum information science and quantum many-body systems.


You can reach me through my email: sl90 AT