SOCIOLOGISTS FOR WOMEN IN SOCIETY (SWS) is an international organization of social scientists. Members include undergraduate and graduate students, university and college faculty, researchers in business and government, freelance writers, and journalists. SWS members share expertise and dedication to attaining social equality for women and minorities.

SWS-SOUTH is a regional organization serving the same purposes as, and in liaison with, the international SWS organization. Our membership is comprised of scholars from universities and institutions in the South that are actively engaged in studying and teaching about the issues that affect women. Members network within the organization as a means of increasing their success in this pursuit.

We hold meetings annually in conjunction with the Southern Sociological Society (SSS). Between annual SWS-South meetings, our bi-annual newsletter and our listserv are the primary means of communication and of keeping our network alive and vigorous. If you are not a member, please join today!

Click here for a copy of our bylaws.