With its focus on the alignment of the spine and limbs,

breathing, and concentration,

you will be rewarded when you choose Pilates to maintain your frame...

Your Body is Your Home. To whom do you entrust its care?

Pilates is quickly growing and has become one of the most popular fitness fads to sweep the globe. Quality studios are located throughout Europe, Australasia, the Americas, and even Africa. Why is Pilates so widely known and so widely used? Answer: Because it is a solid foundation for all your activities in life. The inventor of the method, Joseph H. Pilates, envisioned his fitness method replacing traditional kinesthetics and weight training, claiming that "athletes have more problems when they reach middle age than non-athletes" because of the improper training which created body imbalances. His method was designed to fix this and other problems which cause the human body pain and dysfunction.

One Body for Life...

Take care of your body - invest your time, your energy, and your money into its maintenance, and you will be rewarded! That is what Joseph H. Pilates believed, and so do we. How many times will you move household, buy a new car, or change your wardrobe?

Your body is your home - the only one you'll have for all the days of your life. There is only one choice when it comes to this precious home - commit to taking better care of your body.

Our service is a top priority.

Our Philosophy - Commitment to a Strong Biomechanical Approach

The cornerstone of a good Pilates program is commitment: you can only "reap what you sow." You commit to giving your attention and your energy to your lessons, your teacher commits to being present and knowledgeable. With our strong focus on proper biomechanics in each lesson, you both succeed! We see you as students of the method, Pilates. We see ourselves as students of your body, learning more with each movement you execute, and creating your program according to your unique body each day.

A Studio for You:

At SwissTwist Pilates, we appreciate your trust. We believe that the trust you place in your teacher should be well earned. Our high standards for instructors exist to help you obtain the results you need without the risk of pain or injury. It is important to us that you are comfortable in the studio or at your home with your teacher, and that you feel challenged in your work with us. When your lesson is finished, we believe you should take your Pilates with you! This is part of our Philosophy, changing lives one body at a time.

Pilates is a great way to care for your body.

If you think Pilates is right for you, check out our offers and prices, and request an appointment today!