Massage & Myofascial Release - Beate Sem -

Physiotherapy, Manual Therapy - Andreas Hongler -

Physiotherapy, Sport, Frauen - Karin Natz -

Postural Restoration Institute - Ron Hruska in USA -

Healthy and Safe Away from Home - Luitgard Holzleg -

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SwissTwist Pilates, with its focus on the alignment of the spine and limbs, breathing, and concentration is a great way to care for your body and maintain your frame. SwissTwist Pilates invites clients to a private Pilates studio in Switzerland. We have certified Pilates teachers giving Pilates lessons in English: Pilates on mat, machines, Pilates retreats, tours & workshops, Pilates for mothers, English speakers, Pilates for pregnancy (Prenatal Pilates), Pilates after birth (Postnatal/Antenatal Pilates), Pilates with babies, Pilates on the equipment, Pilates on the Reformer, Pilates on the Chair, Pilates on the Cadillac, Pilates Springboard, Pilates magic circle, Pilates on the ball, Pilates for body issues, back, neck or shoulder problems, Pilates for men, Pilates for women, Pilates for help anyone and everyone find a studio with a highly qualified, certified teacher for Pilates.