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An update for anyone who comes in for a look as to what is happening here at SwirlingOrangeVintage. I, am a long time Etsy seller since 2010. I can't believe it has been over ten years!

Etsy has imposed an ad rate that far exceeds some of the top advertising agencies' in the country. On top of approximately 17% to list, fees on final sale, percent on shipping, and processing costs, they have imposed a 15% fee if one of their google ads leads you to a shop and you purchase.

The insanity and greed of this is multi-channeled. There is already a fee hoisted upon the shipping cost, if there is one, but this new ad fee, again charges on shipping, so Etsy is taking a percent two different times on the same shipping cost. If you return to any shop you have purchased from within a 30-day period, they take this same 15% again attributing this purchase to the first ad you followed. This is NOT industry standard, which is 3-days. The issue with this return visit is Etsy does not show the seller any proof of this! There is no transparency by Etsy to let the Seller know the exact channel/funnel on how this works, just their word for it.

Etsy is just shameful in so many ways, granted, it is a corporation, not an independent site as it started out. It is the platform I learned to sell on, and the community of sellers, on a whole, is great and why I stay, but am feeling forced to find other avenues to offer my vintage items at REASONABLE prices.

The purpose of this site, for now, is to offer those vintage and funky items for prices people are willing to pay. The only pricing I have no control over is shipping, which, for now is USPS PRIORITY MAIL only. Many "mini items" will cost more to ship than the item itself. I do, however, combine shipping always, and refund any overage.

If you are interested in any item in my shop on etsy at SwirlingOrange11 on Etsy I am happy to offer better pricing by having you contact me directly via email at swirlingO11 thru gmail with the item cut and pasted into the email.

I have sold off of instagram this way, but do not check DMs on social media, so the best way to connect for the best pricing is via email. I have a ten+ year reputation with close to 1500 5-star feedback reviews which you can read on etsy.

I run my business with integrity. You will receive the best customer service possible, along with tracking and insurance with every purchase.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this far. I wish everyone good health and a much better 2021 than 2020, If you made it this far down, mention that in your email to me and I will take another 5% off your purchase price.

Thank You!