Download and print letters on your own

1. Sign up to send letters with Vote Forward. They will send an approval email after 12 - 36 hours. If you don’t get a response after 36 hours, check your spam folder. If it’s not there, contact

- If you'd like more background information, review these brief Frequently Asked Questions

- If you plan to download more than 300 letters now or over time, then after you get approved by Vote Forward, request Super Volunteer Status

2. When you get an approval email from Vote Forward, download and print letters using these instructions.

Note: When you download letters, you are committing to sending them!

3. Gather supplies: Pen with blue ink, stamps, #10 business envelopes, and possibly correction fluid.

4. Write and finish your letters using these instructions.

- See these excellent tips for letter writers.

- Review these common mistakes and how to correct them!

5. Important!!! Before you download more letters, go to Vote Forward and move the letters you finished to the Letters You've Prepared column.

6. Mail your letters:

  • Absentee ballot request letters: As soon as you finish them

  • Get out the vote letters (to in-person voters): On December 7th (no sooner, no later)

7. Go to Vote Forward and move the letters to the Letters You've Mailed column.

If you need help or more information:

  1. Review this video (a 10-minute detailed tutorial on registering with and using the Vote Forward website to download/print letters and addresses)

  2. If you’re still having trouble getting started, click here to request one-on-one help

  3. See the Vote Forward Help and Support (FAQs for technical troubleshooting for signing in, downloading, printing, etc)

  4. Do you know someone who is struggling with the Vote Forward website? Download a PDF file of letters and email it to them for printing (along with our writers’ instructions).