Learn about pickup and delivery options

We encourage you to print at home using these instructions. If you are not up for doing this right now, consider picking letters up or getting them delivered.

Letter pickups:

Several dedicated activists are printing letters and putting them on their porches for writers and hosts to pick up. Find and contact an activist near you to arrange to pick up letters.

Location Contact

Belmont Laura

Mountain View: Mariya

San Carlos: Laura

Hillsborough: Cheryl & Michelle

Redwood City: Betty

San Mateo Highlands: Elaine

Woodside (just off Skyline): Betsy

Los Altos: Linda

Letter delivery:

Other dedicated activists will deliver letters to writers who need this service.

Location Contact

Belmont Laura

Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Stanford: Kirstin (for 100 letters or more)

Los Altos: Barbara

Redwood City Betty

Pacifica: Lorrie

San Carlos: Laura