Writing Vote Forward Letters

Focus on Georgia

For the upcoming Georgia runoff election, we will write two different types of letters to two distinct groups of potential voters, in this order:

  1. Absentee ballot request letters: Encourage Georgians who voted by mail or absentee in the general election to request and return their ballots as soon as possible. You will mail these letters as soon as you finish them.

  2. Get Out The Vote (GOTV) letters: Encourage Georgians who are likely to vote in person (either early in person or on election day). These letters will be available as soon as we finish all the letters in the absentee ballot request campaign above. You will mail these letters on December 7th (no sooner, no later!)

Before you start writing!

Even if you're a veteran Vote Forward letter writer, find out how these Georgia letters differ from past letters! And see these excellent messaging tips for Georgia letter writers.

Get your letters and start writing:

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