Southwest Iowa Gravel Grinder

The Southwest Iowa Gravel Grinder is a Gravel Bike Race born out of the love of community, pride of homeland, and the enjoyment of showcasing miles and miles of some of the best gravel, dirt, and minimally maintained roads the state Iowa has to offer.

The SWIG Tour is now SWIGG.

The extra G is to emphasize that we are more than just a tour of the beautiful hills and rustic B-roads of Southwest Iowa, we are now offering a race! While we have added a racing component, SWIGG is and will always be an all inviting, all encompassing grassroots vibe. Come to race, come to ride, but bottomline come prepared to thoroughly enjoy yourself at the Southwest Iowa Gravel Grinder!!!

Saturday June 29, 2019

Villisca Community Building

207 S 3rd Ave, Villisca, Iowa 50864

Long Course - 110 Miles - 7:00 am Start

Short Course - 50 Miles - 9:00 am Start

Finish Cutoff Time - 8:00 PM

Awards/Prizes: See Rules

Cost: Free

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