Swierk Lab Members

Dr. Lindsey Swierk

Principal Investigator

Assistant Research Professor, State University of New York, Binghamton
Director of Scientific Research,
The Morpho Institute
Associate Director of Research,
Amazon Conservatory for Tropical Studies

Dr. Swierk received her BA in Biology and Environmental Science and a MS in Environmental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, and her PhD in Ecology from Penn State. She completed a Vision and Change Postdoctoral Fellowship at Penn State and a Gaylord Donnelley Postdoctoral Fellowship at Yale University.

Graduate Students

Allie Martin

PhD Student

Ecology and physiology of water anole diving behavior

Janelle Talavera

PhD Student

(starting Fall 2021)

Undegraduate Students

Allison Squillante

Integrative Neuroscience (major), Biological Anthropology (minor)

Wood frog reproductive behavior

Kelly Wuthrich

Biological Sciences

Water anole coloration and communication

Ryn Baker

Environmental Science: Ecosystems (major), Health and Wellness Studies (minor)

Wood frog bioacoustics

Jake McCarthy

Environmental Science, Biological Sciences

Water anole underwater breathing

Vanessa Farrell

Integrative Neuroscience

Andrés Rojo

Biological Sciences (major), Spanish (minor)

Lab Alumni and their last known whereabouts

Shola (Mohammed) Akinlolu (Biological Sciences MA) Albany Medical College MD Program
Katie Bradbury (Biological Sciences BS) LIU College of Veterinary Medicine
Jaedyn Lalonde (Biological Sciences, Integrative Neuroscience BS) Penn State Ecology - MSc Program
Jake McCarthy (Environmental Science, Biological Sciences BS) Stonybrook University, Microbiology and Immunology - PhD Program
Maxwell Meadow (Biological Sciences BS) University of Queensland-Ochsner MD Program
Kelly Sisson (Integrative Neuroscience BS) Widener University Graduate School
Kelly Wuthrich (Biological Sciences BS) Florida International University, Biological Sciences (Ecology) - PhD Program

WALL OF FAME - Summer Water Anole Team

Jane Boyer, REU 2015

Determinants of anole color change

Maria Petelo, REU 2015

Sexual signal allometry

Amber Morgan, REU 2016

Camouflage in water anoles

Jennet Chang, REU 2016

Conspicuousness of anole sexual signals

Kimberly Guo, Yale University, 2016

Thermal constraints on anole locomotion

Diana Lopera, REU 2018

Anole thermal responses to simulated climate change

Maegan Delfin, REU 2018

Microhabitat preferences and home ranges of water anoles

Austin Carriere, REU 2018 (co-mentored)

Intersexual differences in boldness and activity

Andrea Fondren, REU 2018 (co-mentored)

Anole responses to anthropogenic colors

Denise Ortega, REU 2019

An ethogram for water anoles

Mykel Lizama, REU 2019

Sexual signaling in water anoles

Michael-Luca Natt, REU 2019 (co-mentored)

Antipredator behavior

Janelle Talavera, REU 2019 (co-mentored)

Boldness and predation risk

Deborah Meleiseā,
(REU 2021)

Diel variation in lizard performance


Interested in joining the water anole team? Check out the application site: NSF LSAMP REU program

The Swierk Lab is privileged to work on land that constitutes the the traditional territories of the Ho-de-no-sau-nee-ga (Haudenosaunee) and Onundagaonoga (Onondaga) in the USA,
the Tjer-di/Teribe Broram in Costa Rica, and the Maijuna and Kichwa del Río Napo in Perú.