Why a local Business Newsletter?

'Business Development Network' - A Newsletter that brings us all together

If we share what is happening locally... circulate the good news, make people aware of events and all the available networking that is going on, and... start to improve and build our skills for effective use of technology, we are all set to benefit.

If we are purposeful... if we collaborate, work together and innovate, if we do this with Intent, then we can transform not only our own businesses but those of our fellow entrepreneurs too... shall we give it a go?

Supporting Small and Micro businesses

Just because of the sheer numbers involved there isn't much 'government support' that can be provided for our intrepid entrepreneurs. So the bottom line is that we are going to have to help ourselves. This Newsletter is a part of that process. The more information about what is happening locally that can be shared to help businesses the better.

Working together as a local business community

It's tough out there, with difficult trading conditions, uncertainty, pressures from the 'big boys' and multiples driving down prices, we have to really start to collaborate rather than compete. There is enough business out there for us all we just need to work smarter and as a team.

Innovation and Creation is where the future is

Quite simply if we keep doing what we are doing we'll keep getting what we're getting. Something has to change and this newsletter is an example of something new. Also if we come together on a regular basis, we can begin to come up with new innovative and creative ideas to help us, the small independent businesses, and grow the local economy. The answers are out there... we just need to pool our minds and thoughts to find them.

Focus on our strengths

The large companies have the resources and money to throw at challenges, we have to use our wits and innovate.

If we focus on our agility, our ability to adapt, change, try things and help each other we can not only survive but bring about a resurgence of buying local. Buying Local keeps more money in the local economy which is better for our communities too.

*** Forward this website on to other local businesses so they can register too. The more the better! ***