SWET 2019 - UCSB

Venue: Mosher Alumni House

Saturday February 16

8:40-9am Breakfast

Session 1 - Alumni Hall Room

9-9:30am Andreas Blume (UofA) Mediated Talk: An experiment

9:30-10am Jonathan Libgober (USC) False Positives and Transparency in Economic Research.

10-10:30am Urmee Khan (UC Riverside) Moral Hazard, Uncertain Technologies, and Linear Contracts

10:30-11:00am Break

Session 2 - Alumni Hall Room

11:00-11:30am Laura Doval (Caltech) Mechanism Design with Limited Commitment

11:30-12:00pm Inga Deimen (UofA) Information, Authority and Communication in Organizations

12:00-12:30pm Teddy Mekonnen (Caltech) Random versus Directed Search for Scarce Resources

12:30-1:45pm Lunch

Session 3 - Alumni Hall Room

1:45-2:15pm Simon Board/Moritz Meyer-ten-Vehn (UCLA) Learning Dynamics in Social Networks

2:15-2:45pm Simone Galperti (UCSD) Belief Meddling in Social Networks: An Information-Design Approach/A Dual Perspective on Information Design

2:45-3:15pm Stephan Jagau (UCI) Common Belief in Rationality in Psychological Games

3:15-3:45pm Jeffrey Butler (UC Merced) The Causal Effect of Cultural Identity on Cooperation

3:45-4:10pm Break

Session 4 - Alumni Hall Room

4:10-4:30pm Maria Titova (UCSD) Targeted Advertising in Elections

4:30-4:50pm Yilin Wang (UCLA) Large Traders, Asset Markets, and Currency Crises

4:50-5:10pm Asaf Plan (UofA) Choosing Known Quantities

5:10-5:30pm Andreas Kleiner (ASU) Delegation to a Veto Player

Session 4 - Board Room

4:10-4:30pm Wenhao Wu (UofA) Characterization of the Perfect Bayesian Equilibrium in Sequential Bayesian Persuasion

4:30-4:50pm Erya Yang (UCI) Litigation, Lawyer Advice and Bayesian Persuasion

4:50-5:10pm Yuewui Wang (UCSD) Cheaper Talk

5:10-5:25pm Peicong Hu (UCSD) Information Collection: Simultaneous and Sequential Disclosure

5:25-5:40pm Ahmet Altinok (ASU) Many-to One Dynamic Matching

6:00pm Conference Dinner at the Faculty Club (Directions from Mosher House to the Faculty Club)

Sunday February 17

8:40-9am Breakfast

Session 1 - Alumni Hall Room

9-9:30am Edward Schlee (ASU) Money Metric Utility in Applied Welfare Analysis: A Saddlepoint Rehabilitation

9:30-10am Alexis Akira Toda (UCSD) An Impossibility Theorem for Wealth in Heterogeneous Agent Models with Limited Heterogeneity

10-10:30am Jean-Paul Carvalho (UCI) Identity and Underrepresentation

10:30-11:00am Break

Session 2 - Alumni Hall Room

11:00-11:30am Pablo Schenone (ASU) Causality: A Decision Theoretic Framework

11:30-12:00pm Igor Kopylov (UCI) Minimal Rationalizations

12:00-12:30pm Augusto Nieto-Barthaburu (visiting UCSD) On the Possibility of Informative Equilibria in Futures Markets with Feedback

12:30-1:00pm Bradyn Breon-Drish (UCSD Rady) Strategic Trading, Unobservable Information Acquisition and Market Breakdowns

1:00-2:00pm Lunch