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  1. noun "a substance taken to give a feeling of vigor or well-being"

  2. adjective "giving a feeling of vigor or well-being; invigorating"

At Sweethaven Tonics, we have created a line of tonics inspired by classic cocktails. Using whole fruits, fresh herbs, and high-quality spices we have created something, well, pretty darn special. Our tonics can be used with your favorite spirits to elevate cocktails or without to craft sippable spiritfrees or gourmet sodas. Get ready for an upgrade.

Simply choose a tonic, add soda water, optional spirits, and garnish.

No matter how you define it, at Sweethaven Tonics, our goal is to make you feel good. These tonics will add a complexity of flavor to your favorite beverages that you will wonder how you ever lived without. It's never been so easy to indulge.