Here are some examples of activities we will be running during our clinics. They are broken down by day. This is the planned agenda for locations that are four days long. The location running for three days will be modified, whether your child signs up either of the library sessions, the clinics will all run for a total of 6 hours and cover the same material. Please note that we may be doing more activities in addition to the ones listed below, and that these are just some examples.

Day 1

Healthy Habits

Digestive System

How Much Sugar?

We will present common drinks and foods to students that they likely consume on an everyday basis, and show how they contain lots of sugars. We will present some consumables that are not assumed to contain lots of sugar, so be prepared for a surprise!

Create your meal

We will demonstrate the digestion process with a fun activity that highights each step, starting with your mouth and ending with waste expulsion (poop). Get ready for a messy ride through your body's digestive system!

Day 2

Circulatory System

Students will be able to experience and track the change in heartbeat after exercises.

Exercise Time

Slime Time

Students will make slime to model the heart's structure. This was one of the most popular activities!

Day 3

Respiratory system

Breathtaking Trivia

We will present weird facts about the lungs and respiratory system, and students will have to ascertain whether they are true or false.

Model Lungs

Students will make their own pair of lungs with everyday household items. They are fully functionable and can even inflate and deflate!

Day 4

Nervous Sytem

Students will be able to understand the complicated brain in a much simpler way with their very own, customizable brain hat.

Put on your "thinking caps"


In this fun game, students will compete against each other to recognize a combination of words and colors. Whoever answers the questions fastest wins!