Resistance High Command

Resistance High Command

Following the formation of The Resistance by Lord Crueya Vandron, The Resistance High Command was established to aide in the strategic planning and management of the day to day operations of The Resistance. Today, Resistance High Command is comprised of the top Resistance officers and advisors to the Commander-in-Chief, and is responsible for setting over-all strategy for the The Resistance, direction operations of the Resistance Military, command of all Resistance ground forces, and coordinating the Resistance Sector Commands.

The structure of Resistance High Command is designed to be flexible and adaptable, so that The Resistance can wage coordinated insurgent warfare on a galactic scale, while still under the strategic control of the one centeral command.

Grand Admiral, Lord Crueya Vandron


At the top of the High Command was the Commander-in-Chief, Lord Crueya Vandron. Directly below in the chain of command is the Minister of State and the Minister of War, the duties of whom were to keep the Commander-in-Chief (CIC) informed of state and military matters on a day-to-day basis. In the event the CIC became incapable of fulfilling their duties, the Minister of State would assume command, until the CIC could return to their duties or until a successor is named.

Fleet Admiral Sami Freemason

Chief of Staff

Reporting directly to the Commander-in-Chief, the Chief of Staff manages the day-to-day governmental operations of The Resistance

Fleet Admiral William Siethr

Chief of Military Operations

Reporting directly to the Commander-in-Chief, the Chief of Military operations manages the day-to-day military operations of The Resistance.

Theala Taneel

Holowan Conglomerate

Ben Tzadikim

Cloud City

Samux Marus

Deputy Chief of Military Operations

Eli Descartes

Ground Logistics Division