The RZ7-6113-23 System

The RZ7-6113-23 System

Located in a remote sector of the galaxy, RZ7-6113-23 was a small class-6 planetoid. A largely barren and volcanic planetoid that was devoid of life, RZ7-6113-23 was nevertheless the site for a large military storehouse. During the early days of the Galactic Republic, a storehouse was secretly built on the planetoid. Various outdated hardware officially known to be retired were secrectly rerouted from impoundment to the storehouse. Soon after the start of the Galactic Civil War, the system's coordinates were mysteriously wiped from most galactic databanks.

Located in the Chopani sector of the Outer Rim Territories. It was rediscovered on the 40th day of Year 17 (CGT) by Gree reconnaissance teams and colonization of the system's sole planet was quickly completed. The importance of RZ7-6113-23 as a staging point was immediately apparent, but its importance as a material-rich world would grow as the Gree Mining Authority, which became LodeCorp Mining, established a presence and mining operation on the system's only planet. On the 244th day of Year 17 (CGT), the Gree Trade Authority released its holdings in the system to The Resistance.

System Governor

The System Governor is responsible for the administration and development of infrastructure within the system. Please contact the System Governor for access past shields.

System Military Adjutant

The System Military Adjutant is responsible for the defense of the system. This includes overseeing the system defense fleet, commanding military installations, and protecting commercial and civilian traffic in the system.

Planets of The RZ7-661-23 System


RZ7-6113-23 is a volcanic world located in the RZ7-6113-23 system of the Chopani sector. One third of the planet is covered in volcanic lava produced by the many volcanoes present in the planet-spanning mountain range. These mountains also shield the habitable portion of the world from the lava, and it is in these mountains and safe areas that the entire population of the world reside.