The Colavas System

The Colavas System

This system is quite distant in the outer rim. Only one planet is viable to primitive life - Danuta. For thousands of years semi sentient species have come and gone none really able to take a foothold and move up the evolutionary ladder. At some point long ago a small colony ship carrying several hundred sentients landed on the planet and though it was rather cold and glaciers covered everywhere they found their meager mining equipment could get deep enough to extract some much needed resources to survive. A few mines and geothermal vents later a thriving colony began to expand. Using the vents and the hard soil that came up with the mining they were able to plant many small fields for the growing population. Times were tough but they were surviving - even becoming proficient at extracting deeper minerals.

However it was not to last. The population quickly outgrew the food supply and the colonists took to fighting over the scraps to survive. The population quickly shrank. Back to near nothing leaving much of the equipment behind and only a small band remained. A decade later a ship landed amongst them. One of the few literate colonists read Cloud City on the nose of the ship. The hatch opens and a stream of men come out bearing crates of medical supplies and food. Working with the local population who had a good understanding of the ground structures they quickly ramped up production and turned the massive glaciers into a fruitful little planet. Their work on Danuta in full swing they turned their eyes to the rest of the system and saw great opportunity in the gas giants as massive income producers. However they decided the could not do this alone and turned to their close friends and allies in The resistance.

The team worked diligently to turn plans into action and the civilization of the system rose exponentially under their guidance. Stations sprang up everywhere for defence and storage while building on the surface continued to hum along. The alliance never to be broken between the groups saw their rise from humble beginnings all the way through become a government!

System Governor

The System Governor is responsible for the administration and development of infrastructure within the system. Please contact the System Governor for access past shields.

System Military Adjutant

The System Military Adjutant is responsible for the defense of the system. This includes overseeing the system defense fleet, commanding military installations, and protecting commercial and civilian traffic in the system.

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Colavas I

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