The Cejansij System

The Cejansij System

This small one planet system lays far out on the outer rim. It's a small rocky planet crisscrossed with craters and canyons. Unfortunately it has no atmosphere so life has had a difficult time taking hold. The deep canyons held a secret though. A strange mixture of gasses slowly seeped from below the crust of the planet settling into the depths of the canyons. Deep enough they were usually a fairly constant but cold temperature. Over the millennia life gradually managed to start in these depths eventually evolving into a sentient race! The Cejansiji were born! While modest at first, their lives in the depths required them to adapt until they learned to build structures into the canyons. They were quickly able to fill these dwellings with their needed gasses to live and they began to expand further and further up the canyon walls. Indeed they became great engineers building in these harsh conditions bringing their life needs from the depths to near the surface. However they found that as they reached the surface conditions were too different from them and they could go no further. Their cities remained undiscovered for hundreds of years as they grew and developed.

Then the pirates came… they had lived peacefully for as long as their history goes back. Even when there were problems they were settled by peaceful protest. They never even created any real weapons as there was no need - their food supply was the gasses and they never fought each other. The small pirate back of only a few ships came in a subjugated them easily and quickly wiping out entire cities with a single raid. They became slaves for nearly 150 years, the point had come where none of the species new anything except slavery… except a few who managed to eke out a living under the crust. They laid a wily plan. THey watched the pirates in their ships - all high and mighty thinking themselves the masters. But the Cejansiji were very intelligent if not very good at fighting. They had managed to steal a subspace radio and reverse engineer it having never seen one before. It took them 10 years - but they eventually amplified the signal a thousand fold on frequencies it never used before. They smuggled it aboard a pirate ship and went back underground and waited for help to arrive. It never did, a generation came and left. Then one day a lone scout ship from the resistance blinks into the system. Having picked up the signal from nearly 3 days hyper away he traced it back. The ship and device were long gone but the signal traveled that far on its own due to their excellent skills as engineers. He quickly spotted the pirate operations and went in for a close view. He was able to see the subjugated species and popped out to report to his commanding officer.

A few short days later The Resistance mobilized a small squadron of lethal ships and headed for Cejansij. A larger fleet followed with a Modular Taskforce Cruiser loaded with supplies to help the enslaved Cejansiji to rebuild their civilization from slavery. The battle for the system only took a few days the pirates unprepared were quickly wiped out. The Cejansiji slowly emerged and bowed in servitude to their new masters. Commander Vandron clapped him on the shoulder to rise. Speaking through a translator he indicated they were free. The gathered Cejansiji rose to their feet a look of astonishment crossed their faces. Their impromptu leader comes forward and bows. He begs Lord Vandron to not leave them unprotected. The two quickly work out a deal for protection where they will help build gleaming cities on the surface in exchange for protection from pirates. With a smile the two part ways but construction above and below has already begun!

System Governor

The System Governor is responsible for the administration and development of infrastructure within the system. Please contact the System Governor for access past shields.

System Military Adjutant

The System Military Adjutant is responsible for the defense of the system. This includes overseeing the system defense fleet, commanding military installations, and protecting commercial and civilian traffic in the system.

Planets of The Cejansij System