The Ardroxia System

The Ardroxia System

The Ardroxia system is currently the bustling infrastructure and commerce capital of The Resistance. It rises from more modest beginnings being so far from the core. Before recent colonization, the planets were either toxic and very hot or cold with no atmosphere at all. However life managed to scrape by during the millennia that passed by on the rocky crater pocked surface of the planets that had some atmosphere. Eventually settlers found the humble system, landing first on the surface of Ardroxia they found no life, save a few slugs and other very primitive life. They set to mining which turned out to be a very profitable, as resources deposits were plentiful. This went on for some time slowly expanding operations throughout the system.

Although the exact date is unrecorded, a major mine collapse on Ardroxia II would become an infamous footnote in galactic history. The mine collapse was significant, and any weeks passed before the bodies were recovered and properly buried. Once the bodies were recovered from the mine, the rescue personnel noticed the corpses looked somewhat abnormal.The bodies of the deceased miners were grey in color, and covered in small black rashes. Unfortunately, during the initial recovery of the miner’s bodies there were no medical professionals who were experts in infectious diseases, and new mining personal were brought in to continue excavation operations. As mining operations continued, the newly released infectious disease spread among the miners. Many even fled the planet taking the Ardroxian flu to other planets - notably Kasshyyk where many a wookie fell to the raging disease. Eventually it was brought under control and normal operations resumed although with more care.

Eventually The Resistance founded a more advanced city or two bringing more civilization to the ragged system. It didn't take long under their watchful eye to provide security and a safer work environment for the denizens of the system. They even began to flourish into a main production hub for the young faction which would eventually grow into a government unto itself. Eventually the flu was nearly eradicated in the system and begins to churn out more and more gear and ships. Resistance stations begin to fill the system producing such gleaming machines as the MC-80 and the nimble A/B/X-wings of the new republic under the skilled hands of The Resistance work teams. Now the central seat of the Government the humble beginnings can barely be seen anymore - only the fight against the Empire is seen in preparation from edge to edge.

System Governor

The System Governor is responsible for the administration and development of infrastructure within the system. Please contact the System Governor for access past shields.

System Military Adjutant

The System Military Adjutant is responsible for the defense of the system. This includes overseeing the system defense fleet, commanding military installations, and protecting commercial and civilian traffic in the system.

Planets of The Ardroxia System

Ardroxia I

Ardroxia II

Ardroxia III

Ardroxia IV

Ardroxia V