The Antmuel System

The Antmuel System

Antmuel is a star system located in the Chopani sector of the Outer Rim Territories. It was discovered on the 74th day of Year 17 (CGT) by Gree reconnaissance teams and colonization was split between the Gree Trade Authority and Mando`ade, both of whom worked to secure the system. On the 244th day of Year 17 (CGT), the Gree Trade Authority released its holdings in the system to The Resistance, with Mando'ade doing the same shortly after.

System Governor

The System Governor is responsible for the administration and development of infrastructure within the system. Please contact the System Governor for access past shields.

System Military Adjutant

The System Military Adjutant is responsible for the defense of the system. This includes overseeing the system defense fleet, commanding military installations, and protecting commercial and civilian traffic in the system.

Planets of The Antmuel System

Antmuel I

Antmuel II

Antmuel III

Antmuel IV

Antmuel V

Antmuel VI

Antmuel VI was the site of the Ch'hosk Cave Drawings that were discovered by the Human xenoarchaeologist Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra at some point during her career. That discovery was later considered to be a remarkable find.