House Vandron

House Vandron

House Vandron was considered to be the first among equals of the Ancient Houses that ruled the Senex sector. It was the oldest and most noble of the Houses, and named for the founder of the Senex-Juvex, Thull Vandron. Over time, the prosperity of the Senex and Juvex sectors declined, and the Ancient Houses began to fight among themselves in what would come to be known as the Senex-Juvex Noble War. While the exact details of what sparked the conflict are lost to time, by the end the vast majority of the Senex and Juvex were ravaged. What was left of the Ancient Houses fled the sector, looking for new opportunities elsewhere. Lord Crueya Vandron, the last remaining member of House Vandron, left the sector in search of new oppertunities.

Eventually, Lord Crueya Vandron came to own the Ardroxia, Colavas, and Cejansij systems of the Halla Sector. Through carefully infrastructural and economic planning, Lord Vandron was able to revitalize these three systems, and with them the majority of the Halla Sector. Economically secure, Lord Crueya Vandron ceremonially re-instituted the Ancient House system in the Halla Sector, with the reforming of House Vandron in late Year 15.

With the rapid growth and prosperity of the Halla Sector under the leadership of House Vandron, the Noble Houses System was expanded to incorporate territories held outside of the Halla Sector.

The Crest of House Vandron

The Sun Guard

The history of the organization known as the Sun Guard is unclear, a mix of misconceptions and misinformation. Over the years a few groups have risen around pockets of unrest and chaos, claiming to be members of the Sun Guard, looking to hire themselves off to the highest bidder. These groups were little more than rag-tag bands of bandits, attempting to impersonate the true Sun Guard.

The true Sun Guard were once a group of mercenaries from the mid-rim, who through numerous successful mercenary engagements became rivals to the Echani Commandos as well as the Mandalorians. Highly trained in both projectile and melee weaponry, Sun Guard soldiers are equipped with the best military grade technology and are capable fighters at both far and close range combat. In addition to proficiency with a wide range of weaponry, Sun Guard training includes shipboard, insurgency, as well as urban warfare tactics.

Sun Guard History

During a reconnaissance and prospecting mission at the early stages of colonization of the Ardroxia System, Lord Crueya Vandron accidentally stumbled upon the makeshift headquarters of the now semi-nomadic Sun Guard on Ardroxia IV. Although the exact details were never recorded, it is recorded in public records that the leader of the Sun Guard challenged Lord Crueya Vandron to a duel, not knowing of the Lord's force-sensitivity. Lord Vandron quickly dispatched the leader, and in doing so fulfilled a Sun Guard prophecy and was of honored by the remaining Sun Guards as, "The Son of Suns".

The Sun Guard then disavowed their semi-nomadic mercenary ways, and became the personal guard of Lord Crueya Vandron, and of House Vandron. They are frequently seen guarding key facilities and assets in Resistance territory, and are most often seen at and around House Vandron's holdings. A personal guard contingent always travels with Lord Vandron, and occasionally a guard team has been assigned to other notable individuals.

Membership in the Sun Guard is highly restrictive, its members being individuals invited and approved by Lord Vandron.

The Seal of House Vandron

A Sun Guard Captain