Swanson Advocacy Services

Social Security Disability representation and advocacy

Professional & Compassionate


We care about you, and we are committed to providing you with caring and quality service throughout the SSD (Social Security Disability) and/or SSI (Supplemental Security Income) process.

We understand that you are at a tough place in your life right now. You are viewing this page because you have physical or mental conditions which are making it hard or impossible for you to work. You probably are frustrated, confused and unsure of what do next. We have helped many people in your same situation apply for SSD and/or SSI and we would like to walk with you through this process.

Our services are free until you are awarded your SSD/SSI claim. Our fees are 20% less than high priced attorneys. Our services are personalized, caring and comprehensive.

Because our services are limited to representing SSD/SSI clients we are able to give personal attention to each client from the initial consultation through each step of the SSD/SSI process.

As non-attorney representatives we are able to represent our clients through the initial applications, additional filings and reporting, in appeals or reconsiderations, and before administrative law judges.

If you would like to find out more about our services, or your eligibility for an social security disability claim, contact us or fill out the questionnaire below.