Swagbucks Review: Is Swagbucks a Scam?

Swagbucks Review: Is Swagbucks legit? Can anyone make money from home by just completing surveys? I know you have a lot of questions. I know you are confused. And that is why I am going to write an in-depth swagbucks review for you.

Swagbucks is a reward based website. People like you and me go there to complete surveys, watch videos and surf the web, etc. And the best part is, we will get paid doing all of these. It is the #1 survey website open for all.

Disclamer:- Swagbucks is good for side income. Please do not make it your full-time job.

Swagbucks mainly provides 8 ways to make money.

They are :-

1. Is Swagbucks a Scam?

2. What is SB or “Swagbucks” points and how you get paid?

3. How to get paid Completing Surveys?

4. How to make money Surfing Web?

5. How to make money Printing Grocery Coupons?

6. How to make money Watching Videos?

7. How to make money playing games?

8. How to get free samples?

9. How to make money referring friends to Swagbucks?

10. How to get make money shopping?

11. Conclusion.

1. Is swagbucks a Scam?

This is what Better Business Bureau have to say about Swagbucks. It is rated as A+ by Better Business Bureau [BBB].

So, Swagbucks is not a Scam. It is a real business and a real way to make money working from home.

Swagbucks have already paid out about $241 Million in rewards. And around 7,000 gift cards are handed out everyday.

When I was a college going boy, my go to place for home based work was Swagbucks. I spend around 1 to 2 hours daily on swagbucks, and this side income was enough to pay for my girlfiend’s beauty expenditure.

Now as you have no confusion about it being a scam, We can move forward to the ways you can make money.

But always keep in mind that you are getting paid for doing the things you will do anyway. Hence, it is an awesome source of side income.

Now as you have no confusion about it being a scam, We can move forward to the ways you can make money.

But always keep in mind that you are getting paid for doing the things you will do anyway. Hence, it is an awesome source of side income.

2. What is SB or “Swagbucks” points and how you get paid?

SB stands for Swagbucks. The value of 100 SB equals to $1. Swabucks can be exchanged for different Gift Cards like, PayPal, Amazon, Macy’s, Target, Walmart, etc.

You can withdraw as little as $5. The best part is that you will be paid according to the gift card of your choice. There are more than 100+ gift cards. So do not waste time thinking about if you will get paid or not. If a company can pay $241 Million to others, it can definetly pay you $5 !!

You will also get daily bonuses for reaching certain Swagbuck Points. For example – If you will earn 40 Swagbuck points , you will get 3 Swagbuck points as bonus.

3. How to get paid completing surveys?

Getting paid to complete surveys is one of the best side job you can do. Just answer some questions ranging from 5-20 and get paid doing so. It is really easy. The best part is, you will get a flood of survey opportunity if you join Swagbucks.

All the Huge Corporations like Google, Amazon, Walmart, Uber, etc. come to Swagbucks for getting answers about their product or service.

And then Swagbucks give these survey opportunities to people like us. And we get paid doing so, in addition to that we also help in making different product and services better for the world.

BONUS:- Always try to complete the surveys with Lower payout, they are sweet and simple. And you will also find them extremely easy to complete.

For example – Complete 10 surveys paying you 75 SB = 750 SB, rather than completing 1 survey paying 600 SB = 600 SB.

The Surveys with lower payout have low entry barrier as well. For example - You only need to be a native Asian for a 75 SB survey, but you should be a native Asian living in South Africa for a 600 SB survey.

4. How to make money surfing Web?

I always search for things on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. But I never got paid doing so. But imagine if you can get paid for just surfing the internet. Is not that Cool!

Swagbucks is the go to palce for making money surfing internet. You just have to change some settings in your browser and you are good to go. Do not freak out saying “I am not technical”. The process takes about 10 seconds, even my grandpa can do it.

The reason why I love swagbucks is that, it will pay me and you for doing things we will do anyway.

Please do not try to spam the system. Just search only when you really need to. This system is made for the people, do not kill this opportunity by spamming the system.

5. How to make money Printing Grocery Coupons?

Grocery Coupons are something we all love. I use it all the time just to save some quick bucks. And I believe you also use grocery coupons. But Swagbucks give you some additional cash for just using those coupons.

You can earn money by simply redeeming coupons using Coupon.com. These coupons are no different than the one you will find in Magazines.

But, the only difference is that you will be paid around 10 – 250 SB for just redeeming them.

Sometimes, you will also be paid extra bonus.

6. How to make money Watching Videos?

Now let’s be real, We just love Youtube. I sometimes spent hours on youtube watching those Funny Cat videos. You also do that someway or the other. But did youtube ever paid you for watching those videos. Naah!

But Swagbucks will pay you for watching videos!

But how much? It is around $0.04 for 20 videos.

What? That is nothing. Yes, I know. But It not the only way to make money with Swagbucks.

BONUS:- Just let the videos run in background of your browser when you are doing something else. It will keep on making you money, even if you do not watch them [just keep them running in the background]!

And there will be hundreds of videos to watch and earn from. Just let them earn in tha background and collect “Passive Income”

7. How to make money Playing Games?

If you are gaming geek, this is the most exciting way fo you to make money. But actually the payout is a little less for playing games. But you are going to play them anyway.

And you will get all those games here, nothing to miss. From Solitaire to Wheel of Fortune, to name the few. Just open the games and play them as you play elsewhere. The money will come.

8. How to get free samples?

You will get hundreds of free samples if you just earn around 1 SB everyday. Many apps which are priced around $9.99 are available for free only for people on Swagbucks.

But the best part is, you will also earn around 100 SB for just downloading those apps.

You will also get chance to get free samples of products like Soap bar, Detergents, etc. These all makes Swagbucks a great place to invest time and energy. You will never regret joining Swagbucks.

9. How to make money referring friends to swagbucks?

The best part of Swagucks is that, you will make money by just referring your friends to Swagbucks. How much will you paid for doing so?

You will be paid 10% of whatever they earn for life!

Yes, you will be paid 100 SB if your friend earns 1,000 SB, there is no limitations to the amount of money you can earn.

But how will you refer others to swagbucks?

First, go talk to your friends and tell them how awesome is Swagbucks. If they do not believe, Share this article with them.

Second, Post it on your facebook and instagram page. Let them know and earn, so that you can earn as well. Do not hesitate to share this opportunity with your loved ones. It will pay you back nicely.

Third, Post a Craigslist ad, let the people know about this awesome website. If you can, help them out in earning money. Let us do a quick math –

20 people referred, if each one of them earns $50, then you earned $5 times 20 = $100

Wow! That is amazing. Isn’t it?

If you utilize this wisely, you can make a real stream of “Passive Income”.

Just open your smartphone and start sharing information about swagbucks. It’s that easy.

10. How to make money shopping?

Swagbucks works closely with huge corporations as metioned above. And that is why Swagbucks is able to provide common peple like you and me the opportunity to make money shopping.

In this age of E-commerce, we all buy something online from our favourite stores. It will become more fun if we also get some really good cashbacks. Actually swagbucks cashback works similar as Ebates.

You will find offers ranging from Amazon to Red Bull, and from Target to Google.


You will also get paid for free trails [ you do not have to buy anything]

For example –

# If you signup for Blue Apron, you will get 500 SB points ($5) And also $30 OFF your first meal.

# If you signup for a Hulu free trial, you will get 275 SB points ($2.75).

You can make a decent amount of money by just signing up for various free trials.

Is not that Great!

11. Conclusion

Pros –

# It is Free to Join and You will also get $5 for Just Signup.

# You will be paid for doing things you will do anyway.

# You can let running the videos in background, and earn Passive Income.

# It is simple and easy. You will do not require any technical skills.

# Refer a friend opportunity is really lucrative.

Cons –

# Sometimes the payout is low, but time needed is more.

# You will not make a lot of money using the Passive Income strategies.

Hence, Swagbucks will not replace you day job, neither it is a viable business. But as a side income it will help you a lot. There are just a flood of ways to make money here, from surveys to games and from surfing the web to playing games.

Do not miss this opportunity! Use the money to finance a small vacation or a party. Even if it only $50 a month, you are getting paid for dong less to no work.

If you are still confused, just give it a try for a week. And then Decide if you want to continue it or not. Simple and Stupid.

Till then, Good Bless You.