Sven Heim



Phone: +33 (0)140 51 94 62

Adress: MINES ParisTech, Center for Industrial Economics (CERNA)

60 boulevard Saint Michel,

75272 Paris Cedex 06, France

About me

I'm an assistant professor of economics at MINES ParisTech, Center for Industrial Economics (CERNA). I'm also a research associate at the Department of Economics of Innovation and Industrial Dynamics at the Center for European Economic Research Mannheim (ZEW). Before I was a doctoral and post-doctoral researcher at ZEW in the research group Competition and Regulation. My research interests cover Energy and Environmental Economics, Applied Econometrics, Competition and Regulation, and Information Economics. My current research focusses on anticompetitive effects of minority shareholdings and how consumer search affects firm decisions such as pricing , cost pass-through and entry.