Introduction to Native American Flute

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Native American Flute Information and History

The Native American Flute is one of the oldest instruments, dating back at least 6,000 years. Traditionally used as a courting instrument, today, it is an expressive and enjoyable improvisatory instrument.

Through taking lessons, you can learn flute technique and history as well as develop your own creativity. Learn more about the history of the Native American Flute here.

Famous Native American flute players include David Nighteagle and R. Carlos Nakai. You can listen to the Native American flute by clicking here.

Let the Fun Begin!

Beginning Lessons

Native American flute lessons begin with learning holding position, breathing, embouchure, and tone production. From there, you will learn the Native American flute scale, improvisational techniques, and ornamentation.

Lessons are personalized to fit the player's goals, needs, and preferences.

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