Piano Lessons

Available for almost any age taught by an experienced teacher!

For more information or to register for private lessons, please call 219-690-8945 or email us.

"Thank you so much for being such a great teacher. . . I'm so happy we found you!!!"

~ Parent of a 2nd Grade Piano Student

"You have such a way with kids and your teaching technique really resonates with them. You have a true talent."

~ Parent of a 7th Grade Piano Student

The piano is a versatile instrument with 88 keys that plays music on the grand staff. The grand staff combines both the treble and the bass clefs since the piano has such a huge range of notes. Piano students learn coordination and multi-tasking. Some famous composers who wrote music for piano include:

Often times, parents wonder how old their child must be to start the piano. Almost any age can start learning this versatile instrument. Students ages 3 and up are invited to sign up for lessons. 2 year olds who participate in our family music classes may be promoted to piano lessons early based upon readiness and teacher recommendation.

Let the Fun Begin!


Piano lessons begin with learning the note names of the keys on the piano, hand formation, fingering, note reading, and how to play beginning songs. As you progress, you will begin learning scales, more challenging method book studies, and solos.

For parents of young children, I use the Music for Little Mozarts method book, which is perfect for ages 2-6. Students, parents, and I love how this book uses stories and memorable characters to teach young ones how to play piano. My young students have performed pieces and in concerts as preschoolers making their parents and themselves proud.


If you have played piano before and want to continue learning more, call me so we can discuss how I can help you reach your goals.

Lessons are personalized to fit the player's goals, needs, and preferences. My goal is to see you love music and develop a lifelong appreciation for music and interest in playing your instrument.