About the Teacher

Cheryl Suwardi, Instrumental Music Teacher

Bachelor of Music Education, Instrumental Emphasis, Clarinet Major

Master of Music Education, Strings Emphasis

(219) 690-8945 ~ cheryl@suwardimusic.com


Cheryl Suwardi has taught instrumental music for since her junior year of college as a lessons teacher. She is in her 13th year as a school instrumental music director. Mrs. Suwardi teaches high school band and piano classes, woodwind music lessons, and string music lessons. Her music studio has been featured as a Rancho Santa Margarita Patch Whiz Biz and in the book "The Savvy Music Teacher" by David Cutler, pub. Oxford University Press. In 2005, she was featured as a music educator in "Who's Who Among America's Teachers".

Cheryl earned bachelors and masters degrees in music education from VanderCook College of Music in Chicago, IL. As an undergraduate, she had an instrumental emphasis and clarinet major. She performed in the symphonic band (clarinet and contrabass clarinet), orchestra (violin), clarinet choir, and choir. As a graduate student, she had a strings emphasis and performed in the string orchestra (violin) and choir. Mrs. Suwardi holds Indiana music teacher certification.

Mrs. Suwardi is passionate about music education and student participation in music. She believes that all students should have the opportunity to learn an instrument and that music is an important part of our culture, history, and communities.

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"Mrs. Suwardi brings with her a deep command of the subject material, a thoughtful, respectful manner of communicating with her students and their families, and a true passion for education. Perhaps the single greatest testament to her approach is the large number of students who come to class each day excited to learn more and an appreciative group of proud parents who cheer for the successes at the concerts. Mrs. Suwardi is a dedicated, caring educator who will work tirelessly on behalf of her students. I am confident she will continue to inspire her students and celebrate their achievements by bringing life, energy, and passion of the art of making music."

~ Elementary and Middle School Band Director

"Our students love the instrumental music program, and the parents are very happy. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher."

~ Elementary School Principal

"The students who choose to study with you will be well served. You have always been an intelligent, focused young lady. I know that you will give them great information and great affirmation. If I had a child, I would have loved to have them have you as their teacher!"

~ College President and Band Director

"We couldn't be more pleased. I attend the private lessons and am impressed with the wonderful rapport that Mrs. Suwardi has built with my son that encourages and challenges him. Although she uses a book and has a plan, she doesn't have a rigid curriculum she adheres to, but often gives him choices to play what interests and motivates him, going the extra mile to find music that is at his level for concerts. She regularly praises him, and he feels proud of the work they do together.

Mrs. Suwardi is not only well liked by students and parents; she is an incredibly accomplished musician herself, competently playing more than 15 instruments. She is well connected in our community, planning concerts for our students with high school musicians, taking field trips to professional concerts, organizing a concert at Knott's Berry Farm, and a musician's workshop at Disneyland as well as many others. Playing on stage at Knott's Berry Farm was an experience that my son will never forget."

~ Parent of a 6th grade violin student

"In two lessons, you have made the flute fun to play for our daughter. She was so happy you showed her those keys for the flats and high notes that when she got home she practiced for about 15 minutes. She told my wife that no one had shown her that and her band director does not play flute."

~ Father of a 6th grade flute student

"I liked your performance the best. :) Thank you for working so hard to make it possible for your students to take part in so many concerts! One of the blessings I'm grateful for is that my son has such a wonderful music teacher."

~Mother of a 7th grade violin student

"You are truly the best and most dedicated music teacher we've ever met!"

~Parent of a 1st grade cello student & 3rd grade violin student

"Thank you so much for being such a great teacher. . . I'm so happy we found you!!!"

~ Parent of a 2nd grade violin student

"We are so blessed to have found such a wonderful and caring music teacher like you! Looking forward to another year of fun and educational music lessons and events with you!"

~ Parents of a 10th grade flute student