Distance Learning Information Thus Far (updated 8/19)

Class Organizations/Placements:

  • All class assignments should be emailed out Friday 8/21

  • 5th grade teachers: Mr. Isaguirre and Mrs. Sharpe

  • 6th grade teachers: Ms. Decant, Ms. Kuennen, and Mr. Dayton (new to our school, most recently taught at Sam Brannan)

  • The school is planning for Art and PE to be integrated into distance learning, hopefully weekly, in the classes that normally participate.

Instruction Approaches

  • The Sac City Unified School District and teachers’ union continue to negotiate the terms of distance learning. Given that, many aspects of the final plan (teaching approaches, schedules, instructional minutes, etc.) are subject to negotiation and remain unresolved.

  • The District has proposed a plan to focus on teaching consistencies across grade levels.

    • Some online trainings for teachers are available through the district and teachers will still be expected to have weekly collaboration meetings by grade level.

  • All teachers will use Google Classroom (parent tutorial on our "tech support" page).

  • Teachers will be taking attendance daily and will track weekly engagement logs-details still to be resolved.

  • The district and union have ongoing negotiations, so the required minutes of live instruction vs. recorded instruction, etc., are still up in the air.

    • Mrs. Aoun is encouraging teachers to break up the on-screen time with assignments and planned breaks

    • Learning time could be small groups in addition to times where the entire class participates in Zoom

  • Schedule is intended to model roughly the same “school day hours” as in-person schooling: class meetings and class work generally from 9AM-3PM for 1st-6th grades, with kindergarteners having their shorter 3-hour school day windows – details still to be resolved

    • This means teachers will be available to support students during these times and students are available to learn during these times.


  • Chromebooks should be requested via this link

  • There are no eligibility requirements for Chromebooks, if your child needs one, please request one.

  • All incoming kindergarteners are assumed to need a Chromebook. So, you will not need to request one. If you do not need one, simply decline at the materials pick up.

  • Tentative plan for materials distribution drive through is: 8/26-8/28 with classes given specific times to come. More information will be shared soon.

    • this includes Chromebooks, text books, and other teacher materials

  • Children will likely be expected to have their video ON during zoom so that the teacher can ensure the child is engaged in instruction– details still to be resolved

Special Education

  • Recent rule changes will allow special education instructional aides to support their assigned students without a teacher present.

  • Case managers will reach out to their families with more information around the beginning of the year.

  • The goal is for students to have the same case managers from last year.

  • Some services or assessments may be provided in person with social distancing safety measures when needed – details still to be resolved

  • If you need to request a speech evaluation or other special education assessment, please email Mrs. Aoun directly at AounL@scusd.edu


  • Unfortunately, 4thR is not authorized to be on campus at this time.

  • Principal Aoun is staying in contact with Stacy Kawahara and Cystel Fudala of our 4th R program

We asked Principal Aoun how parents can help with distance learning:

  • Mrs. Aoun wants parents to focus on the children's social-emotional well-being -- if needed, allow children to take extra breaks and come back to it. Children will be able to catch up on learning, but emotional damage is harder to address.

  • Help maintain structure for the children by helping with their schedule, stay engaged by helping them with their work and check Google Classroom regularly.