About Sutras (and stuff)

Sutras (and stuff) is a podcast that gives you bite-size morsels of South Asian philosophy, paired with contemporary topics. Its basic theme is that there are always connections from the present to the past, even across cultures and languages. You don't need to know anything about Sanskrit or India to listen, just to be curious about how what's new might be connected to what's old.

The show is entirely produced and financed by Malcolm, who's thinking about these things constantly, anyway. Any financial support goes towards equipment and books. Always more books.

Note: for those of you who know Sanskrit, yes, "sutra" would normally be spelled "sūtra"! But the podcast avoids diacritics for the sake of a general audience: diacritics can be off-putting.

Though he's pictured here at the Red Fort in Delhi, India, Malcolm Keating is currently located in Singapore, at Yale-NUS College. An inveterate podcast listener and unabashed philosophy & Sanskrit nerd, he's decided to combine his two loves into this podcast. He has a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied both philosophy and Sanskrit, is the author of a book about theories of communication in Indian philosophy, Language, Meaning, and Use in Indian Philosophy, and is currently trying to figure out how to write a book about figurative language using only Taylor Swift lyrics (see Episode #2).

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