Pathways to Sustain Joyful Liberation

JUNE 2-4, 2020

The first annual Northern New Jersey

Pathways to Sustain Joyful Liberation

Family Retreat and Self-Directed Conference


Visualize a world where BIPOC and our ancestral ways of being in right relationship with each other and the earth are celebrated, valued, honored and re-membered with a joyful humble loving heart. See ourselves a part of that living tapestry. Let us weave and share our family stories in communion with the wild and wise innocence of the children we share our lives with. With laughter and dance through each hoop! Let us slow down and create the time to revere and honor each rite of passage. Let our community territories and our family circles overlap and meet to trade tools, resources and ways, uniting to transmute the outdated structures for the new ways we are calling into being, for our ancestors, for ourselves, and the children - for the generations past, present and future. Let us learn to surf each emerging way, how to live empowered and conscious in sacred right relationship with life. With our selves and other and the earth and all her children.


To be a transformative playful living space for all of us BIPOC, our unschooling or self-directed learning families and friends interested in living within and actively co-creating a world that honors the light within life with integrity.

To respect young people as whole persons and open our hearts with radical empathy to continually honor and live in harmony with life.

To come together to share the ways we co-create, visualize, embody and hold sacred space for our selves and our families; to expand our parenting experience into an even deeper holistic awareness of the lands we inhabit; to learn and weave into the world more loving pathways for joyful liberation of our nature.

To co-create a seed sanctuary space which nurtures and nourishes the pulse of life within every cell, to deepen our individual and community unschooling journey, and evolve a thriving global culture of reverence for life.


The seedbed for this curated unconference is a container for self-directed content and events that both parents and children are desiring to share in community. There will be ample opportunity to play, learn and collaborate with mission-themed events (presented without conflicting scheduling), as well as ongoing family fun activity experiences throughout each day. Being rooted in nature, there will also be ample quiet play spaces for centering, reflection, integration and grounding connection to the Earth, self and others.