Susanna Melkonian-Altshuler 

Tutor in Philosophy (equivalent of Primary Instructor in Philosophy), Jesus College, Oxford

Associate Member, Oriel College, Oxford 

For the academic year 2022-2023, I was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Kansas State 

University. I got this job after one year of dissertation writing, and without acquiring a PhD. 

 My dissertation is on theories of truth and truth-making, specifically, on truth's dependence 

on reality. 

You can hear me speak about the topic here.

​I also work on topics in the philosophy of mind and language.

You can find my CVhere.

You can find my PhilPeople page ​here. My academia page is here.

My Google Scholar page is here

I'm a member of the UCONN Logic Group and the ECOM Research Group.

 I'm an organizer of the Yerevan Academy of Linguistics and Philosophy (YALP)