Greeting Card Quilts

small Art quilts

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe ~~~ Lao Tzu


Windswept Lovers

"Knock, Knock"

Red Rhino

Black Rhino

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Sunflower Smile


Creativity & Wisdom

Koi Quilt # 2

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Scroll down page to view and read in detail about each work in this art quilt gallery

The Inspiration & Invitation

The idea for Greeting Card Quilts literally rained down on me while showering one morning. The desire to make a special gift in the form of a smaller studio art quilt as a unique way to express a shared feeling or celebrate an event, yet be within an affordable price range appealed to me greatly.

Surprise Someone! Make the moment memorable ~~~ Susanna Hotchkiss

A Greeting Card Quilt is a gift which keeps on giving.

I invite you to participate in the creative process by adding your own personal touch to the art quilt. A back pocket will hold your special handmade or purchased card, a photo or other remembrance. Include a personal memento or cd/dvd in the pocket or attach a pin, button, ribbon or another token which best expresses the sentiment for the occasion.

To create art with all the passion in one's soul

is to live art with all the beauty in one's heart ~~~ Aberjhani

Fish Totems ~ Greeting Card Quilts

The delightful koi and Sashiko embroidery of Japan


May you delight in the serenity and sacredness of these symbols


In one week I had 3 dreams of goldfish and larger than life koi. Koi, for me, symbolize the flow of creative potential we can all tap into.

The koi in the quilt are modeled after actual varieties. White koi with red 'hi' markings are called Kohaku. The upper one with the red spot on its head is called Tancho Kohaku while the lower one with a lightning flash pattern is called Inazuma Kohaku.


The Sacred Geometry symbol of the Flower of Life at the top of the quilt and the Tortoise Shell design at the bottom are done by hand using white Japanese Sashiko thread. Sashiko is a Japanese decorative embroidery stitch traditionally sewn by hand onto indigo cotton and used in creating a repetitive pattern or in making a family crest design.

measurements include tabs

a bamboo hanging rod is provided

Koi Quilt # 2

(Tancho kohaku and Inazuma kohaku)

Koi and Sashiko designs

(white and red-orange colors on blue-violet background)

27" h x 9" w


Insect Totems ~ Greeting Card Quilts

The amazing pink moths and Adrinka symbols of Africa


Figurative symbols portraying cultural concepts

floating squares and stipple quilting


(Eudaemonia Moth) 22.5" h x 15.5" w

(shades of pinks and reds on white background print)

radial line quilting

wine binding around quilt not shown

'Creativity' & 'Wisdom'

(Eudaemonia Moth)

(reds on white background print)

15.75" h x 9.5" w

Bird Totems ~ Greeting Card Quilts

The enchantment of birds and their wondrous gift of flight


Both art quilts were inspired by photos I took locally in Florida

feeling of a windy prairie

Windswept Lovers

(Sandhill Cranes) 9.25" h x 16.75" w

double quilt or 'Quilt on a Quilt' effect

(white, grays, red and orange on white and gray backgrounds)

on a cabbage palm

Knock, Knock

(Pileated Woodpecker)

10.5" h x 7.5" w

(white, browns, grays, red and black)

Animal Totems ~ Greeting Card Quilts

The wonderful world of safari and jungle animals


A double quilt or 'Quilt on a Quilt' giving a 3-D effect

Signature Design & Good Vibrations

The 'Quilt on a Quilt' or 'double' quilts are made of 2 separate quilts which have been united. Each has been quilted. The first textured quilt is tacked to the back framing quilt to add dimension and is set askew for effect. The applique design is fused and sewn to the foreground quilt.

Good Vibrations is what I call the repetitive echo quilting I do around figures in quilts. It has a nice reverberating effect around the Rhinos. The 'quilt on a quilt' look is very impressive and has become a Signature Design for me in making future GREETING CARD QUILTS.

Red Rhino

(Black Rhinoceros) 12.75" h x 13.75" w

(red on yellow-green & black backgrounds)

Red is a powerful and emotional color and calls attention to the survival of this endangered species due to the destruction of their habitat by relentless poachers.

I also find that this Black Rhino species simply rocks in Red. Rhinos have such an interesting profile and commanding presence. The foreground print mimics the grasslands of the savannas.

Black Rhino

(Black Rhinoceros) 12.75" h x 13.75" w

(blacks on cream & red/black backgrounds)

The Black Rhinoceros is an endangered species in Africa. Poachers have greatly decimated the once vibrant population.

Unfortunately, until mankind wakes up, the Black Rhino will continue to see 'Red' and be a target. I honor this great native African. May the concerted efforts of conservationists enable wild Black Rhinos to roam freely again.

Kanji Symbols ~ Greeting Card Quilts

Meditative wall-hangings with Asian symbols


The feeling of serenity ~~~ I have one in my own Quilt Studio

Measurements include tabs and tassel. A bamboo rod is provided.


18" h x 14.5" w

(blacks and white)


or Believe/Trust

18" h x 14.5" w

(purple, green, black & white)


or Source/Book

18" h x 14.5" w

(blacks and white)


18" h x 14.5" w

(blacks and white)

'Peace' ~~~ Meditative Quilt (enlarged showing detail)

Nature Totems ~ Greeting Card Quilts

Flowers soothe our souls and bring such joy


One Sunflower art quilt which can be hung 4 ways

left profile

2 bamboo rods provided for either vertical or horizontal positioning

top and bottom views

Sunflower Smile

(sunflower) 13.5" h x 25" w or 25" h x 13.5" w

(yellow-oranges, rust, green on cobalt blue background)

right profile

When you plant a seed of love, it is you that blossoms ~~~ Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

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May Art connect us. Thank you for visiting


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