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For art to appear, we have to disappear ~~~ Stephen Nachmanovich


Turn Me On

Moth Odyssey:

Twilight Rendez-vous

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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time ~~~ Thomas Merton



TURN ME ON presents the power symbol of technology in the form of a Tree of Life pattern with its 'branches' becoming the invisible web and computer code its universal language.


For most of us, the power button literally starts our day. It turns on our electronic devices and appliances. It is an icon of convenience. It becomes our telecommunication key enabling us to network with others across the globe and access the world of information.

Technology is tantalizing. It has become our playground for social media. As a social outlet, it provides us with opportunities, freedom and confidence to be ourselves.

The power button is about total engagement. It is the key which keeps us moving forward. By pushing it, we are constantly tapping into the potential of tomorrow by creating a new tapestry to weave for ourselves today.


Power Button Symbol

(colors on gray appliques against dark gray & black background)

67.5" h x 27.75"w ~ $ 1100

A-B-C Challenge


Bulls-Eye Moths in Flight

(dark blue-gray background with black tabs/binding)

(blue-gray pearl cotton thread, black trim)

42" h x 14" w ~ $375


This quilt is the result of an A-B-C challenge = 'A Butterfly Challenge' I made with a friend. The only rule was to use a butterfly or moth in whatever form and expression. My personal desire was to make each species of moth recognizable.

The meandering thread provides direction and reveals the flight path of the moths while also symbolizing the common thread of existence we all share. For me, the moths in flight symbolize our individual yet collective transformations when we free ourselves and begin to 'color' outside our boxes and journey forward in life while always following the light to new places and new experiences.


The 5 moths are representative of actual species of the world wide Saturniidae family of moths commonly referred to as Bulls-Eye Moths due to the large false eyes on their back wings.. From top to bottom:

1 – leucanella lynx................... (mossy greens)

2 – leucanella flammans.... (pinks and grays)

3 – automeris io......................... (yellows and rust)

4 – automeris janeira........... (grays and black)

5 – automeris jucunda......... (oranges and rust)

Measurements include tabs

Please note: There is black binding on 3 sides: at the top, bottom (not shown in photo) and right side of the quilt

A bamboo hanging rod is provided

The Joy of Koi or Going With The Flow

KOI QUILT # 1: The Tao

4 Koi flowing

(blues, oranges and white with blue tabs/binding)

38.5" h x 22" w ~ NFS

(measurements include tabs)

KOI QUILT # 1: The Tao (detail)

KOI QUILT # 1: The Tao (detail)

KOI QUILT # 1`: The Tao is an applique art quilt I made in 2012. I chose a complementary color scheme of blue and orange to emphasize both negative and positive spaces. Each koi is modeled after a particular species. I included the kanji symbol for The Tao representing 'the way' or flow of universal energy and used the Japanese pattern for waves in the surrounding border. The concentric circles in the 4 corners remind me of koi eyes. To go with the flow.

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