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I dream my painting and I paint my dream ~~~ Vincent van Gogh



The Gaps Between

Grace: The Eye of Beauty

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What comes, is called ~~~ Ki Longfellow

The Buddha

I am entranced by the wonderful statues, sculptures and paintings of The Buddha found around the world. Such a myriad of styles and expressions whether small or gigantic, alone or as groupings yet all emanating a peaceful countenance in serene surroundings.

Everywhere, I see The Buddha imminently as the embodiment of enlightenment and as the face of Meditation revealing, by example, a silent practice of how to live life in an insightful way. To follow this path!


Mosaic or Stained Glass Technique

(a complimentary color scheme of wine, plum, sage greens, and black)

29.5" h x 48" w $2200

Quilt has black binding (not shown) all around the wine colored borders


A SAQA Publication

by Studio Art Quilt Associates

See MEDITATION on page 16


GROWTH! was a 2017 Florida regional SAQA Call for Entry

whose venue was at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center in Dunedin, Florida


"Meditation" Art quilt is included

Except for the point, the still point, there would be no dance, and there is only the dance

~~~ T.S. Eliot


Meditation expands your mind and awakens within you a greater awareness. The corners of your mind shift, and the walls of your reality fall away.

Going deeper, meditation opens you to a higher dimension. You begin to feel the gaps between your thoughts and soon morph into the silence.

And in this stillness, when you are ready, you will behold with your single Buddha eye, the light of your true nature.

...........To let go and be enlightened...........

Fill what is empty: empty what is filled ~~~ davidji

The Modern Kimono

In Contemporary Art, the beauty and simplicity of the Kimono form make it become a wonderful avenue for artistic expression.

The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between ~~~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

black binding around quilt not shown


The Gaps Between

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

black and white tango

symmetry in translation

order from chaos


Kimono Art Quilt

(bold black & white prints, reds on white background)

29" h x 25" w ~ $275


The style of this Kimono with very long sleeves is called 'furisode' in Japanese which means "swinging sleeves". Traditionally, the 'furisode' style was worn as a wedding garment.


The Kimono as art reveals the Japanese concept of 'ma': the interaction of negative and positive space in design, consciousness and feeling. See how the quilt explores these three areas.

The red kanji symbol for 'ma' in the bottom right corner translates as 'between' and 'among' and emphasizes 'the space between' things or events. This 'ma' kanji symbol, in its essence, portrays symbols of the sun shining through an open gate and generates a spiritual notion as well. Traditionally, it was seen as the moon shining through. The red torii gate in the circular crest of the Kimono further invites the viewer to cross the portal into a different consciousness.


This art quilt won Third Place in the Jacksonville, Florida 2014 QuiltFest Challenge category entitled: "It's Not All Black and White".

The Challenge:

~ Use recognizable amounts of the 3 given Black & White fabrics (I added more)

~ Add 1 color but not more than 3 colors (I chose a red accent color)

~ Incorporate either hand or machine embroidery (I used machine embroidery)

~ All sides of the quilt must not exceed 110"

Creating harmony and balance when using bold black and white prints can be a challenge in itself. I chose symmetry and the simplicity of vertical patchwork strips to convey unity and a sense of peace. Narrow bands of black strips separate the bolder prints further emphasizing 'gaps'. Black and white prints also provide a great backdrop for an accent color to point to elements in a quilt.

The fruit of silence is tranquility ~~~ Arabian Proverb


To experience Grace is powerful and personal. I felt it as God's 'eye' magnified onto my whole being. Grace shines brightly as we journey through the Circle of Life. Grace cleanses and renews us. My desire in making GRACE: THE EYE OF BEAUTY is to portray the Almighty presence and Beauty of Grace and the immeasurable Peace which Grace instills.


New York Beauty block variation

(a rich saturation of yellow-golds, yellow-greens and greens against a neutral background of grays and blacks)

45" h x 45" w ~ $775

a wooden slat for hanging is provided



From sea to shining sea,

Grace moves upon the waters of life

illuminating our being with splendor and serenity.

Ever radiant, Grace is Beauty magnified.


To be touched by Grace is a divine moment

when the purity of Spirit touches the purity of your Heart.

The Beauty of Grace is unconditional love

for us to receive and for us to give.

~~~ Susanna Hotchkiss

You get there by realizing that you are already there ~~~ Eckhart Tolle

Sacred Geometry

The Flower of Life design is a Sacred Geometry pattern. Within the Flower of Life pattern is found the Qabalistic Tree of Life revealing the creative light of Divine consciousness emanating from the infinite to the finite realms through the 4 spiritual worlds of creation in the form of a zigzagging 'lightning flash'. The Tree of Life is all about the flow of Divine energies.

Healing As A Creative Process

I adapted this Tree of Life pattern to use for Color Healing purposes. I like to meditate on Divine Will and visualize its manifestation as Beauty using the lightning flash pathway. Healing occurs when we are open and receptive to the Divine energies. Focusing your imagination on the ideals of Beauty and Perfection (Wholeness) raises your spiritual vibration for healing to occur. Simply gazing upon the Tree of Life pattern itself will be soothing.

What you think you become,

What you feel you attract,

What you imagine, you create.

~~~ The Buddha


Inspiration for the Cosmic Tree of Life pattern came to me during a meditation. This quilt is a spiritual tool for color healing, meditation and self-exploration.

Sacred Geometry reveals our interconnectedness to all life and prompts us to expand our consciousness. The Tree of Life is a universal symbol for self-transformation and likewise reveals how energies work for us as co-creators in the universe.


I superimposed 12 rainbow colors onto the Sacred Geometry pattern of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. This design weaves together metaphysical ideas regarding the process of creation and the flow of universal energies. Copper washers embroidered onto each yin/yang design add another element of healing. To sit quietly in front of the quilt and take in the energies of the rainbow colors is very soothing. It is amazing how the body and mind benefits from this simple relaxation practice.


The COLOR HEALING ~ TREE OF LIFE quilt is available for order. Measurements include tabs and triangle points. A bamboo hanging rod will be provided. Expect a 2 month time frame for completion. To make an inquiry, go to the Contact Me page.



(pieced & stippled background in white and rainbow colors, appliqued yin/yang designs, dark blue-violet tabs/triangles/binding and embroidered copper washers)

63" h x 16" w ~ $525

Healing is the end of conflict with yourself ~~~ Stephanie Gailing

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