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social and environmental awareness

Art is not what you see but what you make others see ~~~ Edgar Degas


The Red Line: An S.O.S Call

The Transgender Journey: A Tryptytch

(Self-Liberation Series)


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Social Awareness Themes

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken ~~~ Oscar Wilde

THE RED LINE = Art As A Messenger For Change

Crossing The Red Line: The Plight of Immigrants and the 'Zero Tolerance' Policy

Refugees are battling great obstacles on their journeys toward freedom. First, there is the oppression and instability in their own countries which have caused them to leave their homelands. Then, they make the long, arduous trek to America with only the belongings and children they can carry. Their only money is spent on any transport which will bring them closer to their destination. Refugees encounter many hardships along the way: the tiring walk, bad weather, lack of food and water and failed promises by others who say they will help.

Worse scenarios occur when they reach America. These refugees desiring a better life become classified as illegal aliens when they cross the border. Families are separated. Children are detained in caged areas while parents are put into ICE detention centers. Parents automatically become criminals for entering our country and are deported, many without their children who are left here alone without family and are sent away to HHS shelters (Health and Human Services) in different states.

Families who came here united in hopes of finding a better life are physically and emotionally torn apart. Improper U.S. government paperwork makes it difficult to identify or later reunite children with their parents. Thousands of refugee children are still in our country (now under government care) separated from their loved ones. Deported parents risk further criminal prosecution if they try to re-enter our country making it extremely difficult to locate their children. This continual practice of family separation is inhumane and results from the ongoing 'zero tolerance' policy that the Trump administration instituted in 2018.

The Making of THE RED LINE: An S.O.S. Call

This all sparked within me a desire to make a quilt which speaks to the plight of refugees who come to America via the U.S.-Mexico border. Here, I express what the 'zero tolerance' policy of the Trump administration has caused for refugees. It is an S.O.S. call to save all immigrants.

THE RED LINE depicts children's hands behind wire fencing and parents' hands reaching out to this administration. I chose hands in green colors to represent life and unity and which also embrace the heart of Lady Liberty. Gray border walls abound blocking refugees from the freedom they seek. The red triangles are Red Zones of danger which surround these immigrants.

My hope is that we will wake up as a compassionate nation and regard the human rights of all people and treat everyone with dignity and respect who approach our border. May we remember the journeys of our own immigrant ancestors.

First and foremost: SOMOS GENTE. We are all people.

THE RED LINE 78.5" h x 71.5" w ~~~ $4800

fused, raw-edge applique, machine stitched, free motion quilted

( greens, yellows, oranges, reds, blues, white, purple and gray colors on a black background, free motion quilted)

THE RED LINE (detail)



Have we crossed The Red Line of dignity and decency?

Does Lady Liberty represent freedom any more or fear?

Has America lost its heart and soul to party politics?

Is 'zero tolerance' our new ideology?

Don't all lives matter?

Where is our human compassion?

Can we not see the innocence of children?

Why are we separating immigrant families?

Are we afraid to walk in the shoes of refugees and hear their truths?

Must we cage children and criminalize their parents because they desire to have a better life?

Is our only answer to build walls?

Would we be here if this had happened to our own immigrant ancestors when they came to America?

How many more Red Lines will we cross before we wake up?

The Self-Liberation Series

The following series of 3 art quilts came about when I pondered what to create for a theme of metamorphosis. What came to mind was personal freedom and the need for Self-Liberation in order to live life fully. The burning desire to be authentic, to free ourselves from what binds us and prevents us from living life as we most desire.

The Transgender Journey is Everyone's Journey

To be authentic requires courage and fortitude. While I specifically use modern symbols to explore the Transgender journey, there is another more universal level of metamorphosis here, one of everyone coming out of their own cocoon and becoming the beautiful unique butterfly they have created inside and which they most desire to be in flight. To imagine such a world and to celebrate this diversity. How beautiful and breathtaking that would be.

Metamorphosis and Expression

Metamorphosis is creative expression from the soul. Each metamorphosis we go through allows our dynamic self to be expressed more fully. When we allow for and embrace change, we become transformed in the process. To live honestly is to live freely.


Self-Liberation # 1:


of the Mind

57.5" h x 27" w

(pinks, teals, blues, purples, yellow, white on navy background with diagonal quilting)

Price for the series


(the mind questions)

What does it mean to live an authentic life?

When we begin to question all negative beliefs of self we have adopted and understand the why's, from where or from whom these beliefs originated, can we then choose to positively change our thoughts so to change our reality.


Self-Liberation # 2:


of the Heart

57.5" h x 27" w

(various pinks, teals, blues, purples and white on navy background with diagonal quilting)

of 3 works together


(the heart feels)

How can we live authentically?

When we emotionally connect with who we are on the deepest levels and own those innermost feelings, can we then step out and be free to be ourselves and proudly show our true colors.


Self-Liberation # 3:


of the Self

58" h x 27" w

(various pinks, teals, blues, purples and white on navy background with diagonal quilting)


(the self takes action)

How can we be an authentic voice?

When our mind and heart are in sync with who we truly are, can we then move forward in the world and become an active force together in helping others to freely be themselves.


is currently part of the Sewing Justice online exhibition at through 2022.

The first step toward change is awareness, the second step is acceptance ~ Nathaniel Branden


ONE PULSE 48" h x 32" w ~ SOLD

Mosaic Technique

(rainbow colored batiks, embroidered copper washers on aqua batik background)

currently traveling for 3 years until December 2020

with SAQA's global exhibition entitled

Textile Posters: Communication & Commentary

After the tour, ONE PULSE will be in a private collection


ONE PULSE is also currently part of the Sewing Justice online exhibition at through 2022.

ONE PULSE communicates hope and healing in the wake of The Pulse nightclub tragedy in Orlando, Florida in June 2016.

49 copper washers stitched in rainbow colors offer the element of healing while the rainbow spectrum and mosaic patterns present a unified movement toward wholeness.

The larger than life male seahorses mirror greater truths about ourselves. Everyone is Beautiful. No matter what color, creed, gender, sexual identity or role we play, we are all interconnected in this ocean of life. We possess the same inner qualities and shared hope to be free to be ourselves.

I strongly feel that while social awareness helps to bring forth understanding and acceptance, symbols can prompt transformation and move us beyond the limitation of what is to the potential of what can be.

Art is power ~~~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Environmental Awareness Themes

Perseverance is priceless ~~~ Albert Einstein


"Love, love me do

You know I love you

I'll always be true

So, please, love me do"

from LOVE ME DO by The Beatles

LOVE ME DO is my twist on the Beatles' s tune from the perspective of Mother Nature and is Mother Nature's environmental appeal for all of us to love her back in the unconditional way that she loves us.

Can we truly regard Mother Nature? Our environment is no childish game to play when future generations of children rest in our hands. Will we truly love her or will we not?

All her eyes are watching.

LOVE ME DO is currently part of the Sewing Justice online exhibition at through 2022.


(yellow-greens, white, grays on black background print)

48" h x 32" w ~ $450

Everything is within your power, and your power is within you ~~~ Janice Trachtman

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